Tin Hearts review (PS5)

Tin Hearts, the eagerly anticipated creation from Rogue Sun that is being published by Wired, presents a captivating narrative puzzle adventure that immerses players in a world of whimsical toys and heartfelt stories. Developed by the talented minds behind the renowned Fable series, Tin Hearts enchants players with its imaginative gameplay, beautiful visuals, and a nostalgic Victorian setting. While the game does have a few minor shortcomings, its unique premise and engaging mechanics make it a worthwhile experience on the PlayStation 5.

Tin Hearts invites players to uncover the magical tale of Albert J. Butterworth, a brilliant Victorian inventor. Guiding a group of mischievous tin soldiers through a toy-filled realm, you’ll encounter time-bending puzzles and forge new paths to reveal the emotional and thought-provoking narrative woven into the game. Clues are scattered throughout the world, rewarding players with a beautifully voiced and animated story that spans generations and dimensions. In a way, Tin Hearts feels like an unlikely mix of Lemmings and Scorsese’s Hugo at times.

tin hearts2

The gameplay in Tin Hearts is where the game truly shines. Players have the opportunity to control various inventive contraptions, such as toy cannons, trampoline drums, and balloon inflating machines, to navigate through over 50 levels of soldier-routing riddles. The ability to manipulate objects and link them creatively provides a satisfying sense of accomplishment when constructing paths for the tin soldiers to follow. Additionally, the ability to pause, fast-forward, and rewind time adds a clever twist to the puzzles, allowing players to alter the outcome of their actions.

Tin Hearts transports players to a magical alternate-timeline Victorian universe filled with nostalgic warmth and charm. The game’s visuals are vibrant and detailed, capturing the essence of a toy store come to life. From the meticulously crafted toy-filled environments to the charming character designs, every element exudes a sense of wonder and immersion. The attention to detail extends to the animation and art style, creating a visually captivating experience that enchants players from start to finish.

tin hearts3

One of Tin Hearts’ other standout features is its poignant soundtrack composed by Matthew Chastney, known for his work on productions like ‘Joker,’ ‘Chernobyl,’ and ‘Bridgerton.’ The music perfectly complements the gameplay and adds emotional depth to the narrative, fostering a genuinely immersive experience.

However, it’s worth noting that Tin Hearts does have a few drawbacks. At launch, we had some minor technical issues that led to mild frustrations, the most notable of these being a few awkward camera angles. Additionally, a few puzzles may feel overly challenging or lack clarity, resulting in moments of (mostly temporary) confusion or frustration.

Tin Hearts successfully captures the essence of a magical toy-filled world, offering players an enchanting puzzle adventure wrapped in a heartfelt narrative. With its imaginative gameplay mechanics, beautiful visuals, and emotionally resonant story, the game proves to be a lovely experience on the PlayStation 5. While there are minor issues that might hinder the overall enjoyment (that we can see getting fixed post-launch), Tin Hearts manages to deliver a captivating and nostalgia-filled journey for players to embark upon. As the VR version approaches, it’s exciting to imagine how the immersive world of Tin Hearts will evolve and further engage players in this charming toy universe.

Score: 8.0/10

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