Port roundup: Budget Cuts Ultimate, Dice Legacy & Home Sheep Home

With Budget Cuts Ultimate, the Ultimate Edition of Dice Legacy and Home Sheep Home’s Farmageddon Party Edition, we’re seeing three games return that gamers have previously been able to enjoy on other system. Time for our latest port roundup.

Budget Cuts Ultimate review (PSVR2/Quest 2)

Budget Cuts – Ultimate, developed by Neat Corporation, combines both previous Budget Cuts games as well as the add-ons, weapons, enemy types, arcade levels, game modes, mods and more into one epic adventure. This VR stealth action game takes a satirical approach to corporate automation, placing you as a human employee in a megacorporation called TransCorp. As the plot unfolds, you discover the disappearance of your fellow human colleagues and find yourself in a fight for survival against murderous robots. The first game launched over five years ago, and you can find this new ultimate edition on the Quest 2 and for PSVR2.

The game introduces a unique mechanic called the Translocator, a portal gun that allows you to teleport around the building and peek through corners for strategic advantage. With minimal risk, you can navigate through the office, utilizing vents and puzzle-solving to your advantage. Armed with letter openers, scissors, and other throwable objects, you engage in satisfying combat, executing brutal takedowns on the militant robot enemies. Having originally played it with the PlayStation Move controllers, the newer Touch and Sense controllers enhances the immersiveness of the combat experience.

Budget Cuts – Ultimate offers over 10 hours of stealth action across 13 levels, and the addition of mutators allows you to customize your gaming experience as well, modifying elements like locomotion, gravity, and time. The arcade mode provides replayability with high scores, five levels, three difficulty settings, and a unique scoring system that encourages cost-effective missions.

budget cuts2

Visually, Budget Cuts – Ultimate maintains the cartoonish style of the original, immersing you in a robot-infested office building. The animations of the robots and the attention to detail in the environment create an engaging and authentic atmosphere. The game’s audio design, accompanied by humorous dialogue and sarcastic announcements, adds a touch of comedy to the intense stealth gameplay, and even the Quest 2 version offers a near-identical visual experience to the original PC version.

With the combined campaign, Budget Cuts Ultimate has a solid length for a VR title, and the inclusion of bonus missions and hidden items adds to the game’s replay value. Budget Cuts – Ultimate remains a satisfying VR title that delivers entertaining stealth mechanics, lighthearted humor, and challenging gameplay, and it’s the best version of one of those runaway VR hits you can find.

Dice Legacy : Definitive Edition review (PS4)

Dice Legacy: Definitive Edition, developed by DESTINYbit, is a unique and captivating roguelike survival city builder game set on a vast and mysterious ringworld. As one of seven unlockable rulers, players must lead their realm to prosperity or ruin by rolling the dice. The game offers a blend of strategy, exploration, and dice-based gameplay mechanics.

The core gameplay revolves around assigning dice with different icons to various spaces on the map, each requiring specific actions. The dice represent units and workers, and their faces determine the available actions. However, each die has limited durability, and every roll depletes it further. Players need to manage resources, balance dice durability, and make strategic decisions to thrive in this challenging environment.

dice legacy

The Definitive Edition includes all the content and scenarios from the original release, along with three major updates and the Corrupted Fates expansion pack. It offers an immersive experience with beautiful visuals and a captivating steampunk-inspired world. The graphics combine detailed models with large, chunky dice, creating a unique contrast. The sound effects, particularly the satisfying rolling of dice, add to the overall experience.

Visually, Dice Legacy presents a combination of detailed city-building strategy game aesthetics with the dice-based mechanics. This juxtaposition creates a unique visual atmosphere, with its intriguing ring-shaped world and fantasy elements. Dice Legacy’s gameplay mechanics can be overwhelming at first, but there’s a decent tutorial and it offers a rewarding experience for players who enjoy challenging strategy games despite a slightly clunky user interface. Dice Legacy’s Definitive Edition provides a distinct and enjoyable gameplay loop, where failure is expected but never feels unfair despite the dice-based mechanics. It may not appeal to everyone, but those who appreciate its unique charm and harsh-yet-balanced gameplay will find it engaging.

Home Sheep Home: Farmageddon Party Edition review (PS4)

Home Sheep Home: Farmageddon Party Edition, published by Greenlight Games, brings the beloved couch multiplayer classic developed by Aardman to Xbox and PlayStation consoles (after previously launching on the Switch). Remastered by Bristol-based developer Mobile Pie, this edition combines all the gameplay, features, and modes from previous versions, delivering a clever and charming experience for players of all ages.

The game features a puzzle adventure where players control Shaun, Shirley, and Timmy, each with unique abilities, to solve environmental puzzles and collect rewards. While the single-player mode can be frustrating due to timed challenges and quick reactions required, the real joy lies in the multiplayer features. Co-op support allows players to work together and compete, making for engaging and lively gameplay that make you forget this was originally a flash game.

home sheep

In addition to the story mode, Farmageddon Party Edition offers movie-themed party games set in the Farmageddon theme park. With simple controls focused on movement and jumping, these games provide frantic and competitive multiplayer fun for two to four players. Featuring charming watercolor graphics and a delightful art style, the game maintains its appeal and offers new content inspired by the Shaun the Sheep series. The regular campaign, filled with physics-based puzzles, remains the star attraction, providing unexpected challenges beneath its cute visuals.

Overall, Home Sheep Home: Farmageddon Party Edition is a delightful party game that succeeds in both single-player and multiplayer modes. With its clever puzzles, fun multiplayer games, and charming visuals, it offers a surprising amount of entertainment. Whether you’re a fan of the franchise or new to the series, this relaunch is worth considering for a sheep-filled adventure filled with laughter and joy.

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