Home Sheep Home – Farmageddon Party Edition review (Switch)

Originally launched back in October to tie in with the latest Shaun the Sheep movie, Home Sheep Home: Farmageddon Party Edition has just relaunched on the Nintendo eShop through publisher Greenlight.

Of course, the Home Sheep Home games go back a little bit, originally starting out as Flash games you could play through your computer’s browser. Subsequent releases for computers and consoles were slightly expanded, but the core of this Farmageddon Party Edition goes back to that Flash experience that’s over ten years old and can still be played online – consider it a free demo!

The Farmageddon Party Edition of the game doesn’t just feature that original content though, which is full of fun little puzzles in which you make sheep with different abilities cooperate to get through levels – taking a few cues from classic games like The Lost Vikings and Humans along the way. Combined with the charm of the Shaun license and a hand-drawn style that has aged well, this portion is still a lot of fun to play and the Switch version lets you take the experience on the go rather than making you rely on a browser.

home sheep home2

New and exclusive to the Farmageddon Party Edition however are two features that are tucked away in the new title – a tie-in to the recent movie and the ability to play the game in a variety of multiplayer modes. The closest one to the original experience is the ability to tackle the game’s puzzle levels together, which is great in getting through levels faster without having to switch characters and move them one at a time. Things can get frantic if you don’t properly work together, but if you do then this allows you to complete these levels faster than ever before – shaving precious seconds off your best times.

Obviously the Farmageddon movie was released well after the original Home Sheep Home was developed, and the new tie-in content mostly relates to party games that are well-suited for some multiplayer fun on the Switch while retaining the controls of the base game. Think of a volleyball simulation where, due to a lack of hands, your sheep have to jump upwards and hit the ball in mid-air to knock it over the net.

While they’re nice diversions and it’s good to see new content being added to the game, the star attraction is still the regular campaign that is filled no only with charm but also some excellent physics-based puzzles that can be far more challenging than the cute visuals would suggest. If you’ve already played through these then the new content isn’t really worth it, but if you haven’t then this is a great little puzzle platformer with tons of charm and the added bonus of having multiplayer both in the campaign and in a few extra modes.

Score: 7.0/10

home sheep home3


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