Mayan Death Robots updates and comes to consoles!

Perhaps best described as Worms with giant robots, tons of explosions and an over the top sense of style, Mayan Death Robots was launched on Steam last year and developer Sileni Studios is constantly adding new features – completely free of charge. Continue reading “Mayan Death Robots updates and comes to consoles!”

Bombing Busters review (Vita)

Bombing Busters was released for PS4 a while ago, and now comes to Vita owners. Nevertheless – if you never played the PS4 version then the game will still be a very familiar sight to old school gamers. Remember Bomberman (or Dynablaster)? Bombing Busters is exactly that type of game, though with a few twists and changes here and there. Continue reading “Bombing Busters review (Vita)”

Mommy’s Best Action Pack review (PC)

The advent of Steam has given rise to two major developments in PC gaming: a huge volume of indie games being released to the masses, and the popularity of game bundles that offer a variety of games for a fraction of the price you’d pay when buying them separately. “Mommy’s Best Action Pack” is a combination of these two developments. Continue reading “Mommy’s Best Action Pack review (PC)”

The Age of Decadence review (PC)

The Age of Decadence is an RPG in the true sense of the word. Or three words. It’s a genre that we commonly associate with action RPGs these days – with franchises like The Witcher, The Elder Scrolls and Final Fantasy all featuring their own blend of combat. In those games, combat is actually a prerequisite for success, and something you’ll engage in often so you can level up your skills and face tougher enemies later on. Not so in The Age of Decadence – here, story development takes center stage, and not stat building. Continue reading “The Age of Decadence review (PC)”