Insert Coin review

First released for home audiences late last month through the Alamo on Demand platform, the arcade gaming documentary film Insert Coin heads to additional VOD platforms very soon. Coming to Amazon, iTunes, Vudu, Vimeo on Demand, Google Play, Xbox, and PlayStation, it’s a release that those who are nostalgic for the classic arcade experience will want to check out. Here’s why. Continue reading “Insert Coin review”

Insert Coin – Director Interview

As an outlet that covers the worlds of film and videogames, few things get us more excited than a good documentary about videogames. The recently released film “Insert Coin” dives into the arcade history of the Midway brand that had such a big impact on arcade gaming in the 1990s as they built on their (and Williams’) classic arcade legacy from the 1980s. It’s an era that older games fondly remember and one that helped shape today’s videogame landscape. We’ll share our review of the film soon, but also had a chat with its director Josh Tsui – which we’re sharing with you here. Continue reading “Insert Coin – Director Interview”