Ocean’s Eight review

Sandra Bullock’s first major on-screen role in years, Ocean’s Eight revives the franchise that started with Sinatra in 1960 and gained modern day popularity when George Clooney assumed the role of Danny Ocean in a trilogy of films that started forty years later and ended about ten years ago. A lot has changed since then… here’s our review of Ocean’s Eight. Continue reading “Ocean’s Eight review”

Avengers: Infinity War review

Possibly the biggest movie of the year (commercially speaking), Avengers: Infinity War marks Marvel’s 19th movie starring the Avengers characters. Ranging from Iron Man to Thor, from Captain America to Black Panther and from Doctor Strange to Spider-Man, the cast is also joined by the Guardians of the Galaxy this year. Too much of a good thing? Here’s our review, which we’re going to keep relatively spoiler-free. Continue reading “Avengers: Infinity War review”