Deadfall Adventures Preview (X360/PC)

Polish developer The Farm 51 is bringing Deadfall Adventures to PC and X360 just in time for the holidays this year. The game promises a truly unique setting in the FPS genre, combining long forgotten worlds with exploration and puzzle solving. We got a sneak peak during Gamescom and here are our thoughts so far.

Deadfall Adventures follows the adventures of James Lee Quartermain, great-grandson of the legendary explorer Allan Quartermain from the literary classic King Solomon’s Mines. With the story taking place in the 1930s/1940s, The Farm 51 has taken one classic explorer’s legacy and placed it right in the middle of another: Indiana Jones. As fans of both, we were immediately intrigued and seeing some of the in-game visuals brought back plenty of fond memories. The footage and gameplay we saw also captured the right feel for the genre, with lush jungles and temples steeped in history convincing the player you’re actually stepping into an explorer’s footsteps.


Thinking of the adventure/exploration genre, titles like Tomb Raider and Uncharted immediately come to mind, and this is why Deadfall managed to surprise us. We had expected climbing, ducking and rolling, but this is a straight up shooter with a big emphasis on firefights. Of course no game in the genre would be complete without some puzzle solving, but the developers assured us that about 75% of the game would be explosive action with the rest consisting of puzzles and exploration.

With a launch date of November 15th, we have a little over a month left before we can discover where Deadfall Adventures will take us and how the adventure/exploration genre translates to the first person shooter domain. We’ll be there to find out if this is a treasure hunt worth embarking on, so check back here when the time comes.


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