Inside My Radio review (PS4)

The PS4 version of Inside My Radio is still a wonderful rhythm-based platformer, even though it’s rather limited in terms of content.

Those who follow us will know that we first played with Inside My Radio in the summer of 2014 after we met with the developer at Gamescom. The game was extremely fun and promising even in its early state, and we enjoyed the full PC release when it came out last year as well. Now, less than a year later, the game has made the jump to consoles – and it’s right at home with its colorful visuals and platforming roots.

What’s interesting is that another rhythm-based platformer, Beatbuddy, also recently leapt from PC to consoles. Because of this, console gamers now actually have a choice when it comes to this sub-genre or platforming. Luckily, both games are excellent and a lot of fun.

inside my radio2

Overcoming obstacles in Inside My Radio is a matter of tapping jump/dash to the beat of the music, and stringing moves together doesn’t just make you feel like a platforming artist – it almost makes you feel like a musical genius. Having a good sense of rhythm definitely helps here, no matter the setting. Through the story level, music styles will range from electronic dance music to rock, with reggae music as a more neutral sound somewhere in the middle.

As with the PC version, the game’s biggest problem is its relatively short campaign mode – completing the story mode takes about two hours and there’s not too much to do after that, unless you want to keep hunting for trophies and beat your best times in a time trial mode.

Thankfully, all the content that’s there is a lot of fun to play and offers a refreshing take on the platforming genre. With the release of the original game now almost a year behind us, we’re hoping the team at Seaven can surprise us with more quality content for Inside My Radio (or another game) in the near future!

Score: 7.0/10


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