Layers of Fear: Inheritance review (PC)

Layers of Fear, Bloober Team’s supernatural horror adventure, has received its first major story addon in the shape of the Inheritance DLC pack. Here are our impressions.

When we reviewed the original Layers of Fear, we applauded its visual design and atmosphere as something truly unique, but felt like the game relied a bit too much on cheap jump scares. This felt like a shame, because in our minds there was so much potential for truly interesting character development that didn’t need any jump scares.

Inheritance fills this gap, to a degree at least. In the addon, available as DLC content for the main game, you step into the shoes of the daughter of the first game’s protagonist. Since you may not have played the original yet we’ll try to steer clear of spoilers, but it’s safe to say that Inheritance shines a new light on the events we played through before.


A lot of this has to do with the personal connection that’s involved this time around. The original protagonist is no longer just a madman that you may have trouble sympathizing with, he’s now a father, seen through the eyes of a child. This makes the descent into madness more human, but also makes certain scenes scarier than they were before.

In terms of character development and storytelling, Bloober Team has taken a small leap forward with Inheritance. Like good DLC can do, Inheritance also raised our appreciation for the original game – making this an essential purchase for (future) Layers of Fear players. It doesn’t address all of the game’s shortcomings and still relies on just scares more often than it needs to, but it’s a fuller experience than it was before thanks to this addon.

Score: 7.8/10


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