Tyranny: Bastard’s Wound review (PC)

Bastard’s Wound is the new expansion for Tyranny from Obsidian, out now on PC as a paid DLC for those who own the original game. Here’s our review.

A month or three ago, Obsidian released Tales from the Tiers for Tyranny, a mini expansion. We had our sights set for Bastard’s Wound though, as it promised to be larger and more fully featured DLC update for the game. Now that it’s here, it definitely delivers on bringing us more of the Tyranny experience that we enjoyed last year – though it’s not as loaded with content as we had hoped after the mini-DLC that was Tales from the Tiers.

In Bastard’s Wound, you get to explore a new section of the game world called Shattered Bastion, which is largely filled with refugees. Their fate is yours to decide, as your fatebinders travels to this illegal settlement with his party of companions. The expansion ties into the main game, and could easily be played as part of it if you’re starting a game from the beginning as well. Pick up from an existing game, however, and you’ll see that your previous choices factor into how Bastard’s Wound plays out.

bastard's wound

Those familiar with Tyranny will remember that your choices affect the game world, so it’s nice to see that this carries over into an expansion that is, content-wise, separate from the original quest event though it’s interwoven with the original game world. The consequences that carry over into Bastard’s Wound aren’t dramatic, but they’re there right from the start. This becomes apparent in the opening sequence quite well, where the way you’re being interacted with will differ based on how you’ve behaved thus far even though the outcome will be very similar each time. They’re subtle nuances, but highly appreciated because they protect the sense of continuity and the experience that everything in the game world is connected – something I truly enjoyed when playing the original Tyranny.

This “choices and consequences” dynamic of course also plays a big role when you get further into Bastard’s Wound and explore the region of Shattered Bastion. Who will you side with? Will you backstab someone you allied with earlier, just to progress a little quicker? And will you dish out Kyros’ vengeance, or act more forgiving towards these refugees? It’s very similar to the types of decisions that made Tyranny so engaging to play and replay, and it’s made the trip back to Terratus enjoyable.

bastard's wound3

Besides the content that is centered around Shattered Bastion, there are also side quests that you can play that delve deeper into the backgrounds of three of your companions: Lantry, Verse and Barik. These mostly revolve around character backgrounds and character development, but will also allow you to make choices that will either strengthen your bond with them or put strain on your relationship.

Bastard’s Wound is an excellent expansion for those who enjoyed Tyranny, since it’s “more of the same”. That can also be said for the audiovisual presentation, and not just about the gameplay portion. My only gripe is the amount of content, which I expected to see more of in a DLC that’s over a third of the price of the base game. Nevertheless… I’m glad to have returned to Terratus once more.

Score: 7.9/10

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