Megaton Rainfall review (PSVR)

Megaton Rainfall is a Playstation VR-enabled superhero game that can be played without Sony’s headset as well. It’s a lot more fun in virtual reality though, so that’s how we played the game while reviewing it.

Developed by Pentadimensional Games, a small development studio from Spain, Megaton Rainfall is mostly a pleasant surprise on Playstation VR. I hadn’t seen a lot of pre-release footage, so I was unsure what to expect considering its odd title. Turns out it’s a superhero simulator of sorts, with the superhero in question resembling Superman in how you get to fly around and can ascend from street level all the way up to outer space.

megaton rainfall

In Megaton Rainfall, your task is to protect humankind from an invasion of hostile alien forces by shooting them down from the sky. You’re impervious to their attacks yourself, but you’ll fail in your mission if too many humans bit the dust. This doesn’t just put a timer on things as you try to take down the enemy before they do too much damage – it also means you have to be careful when firing. Your own weapons can damage earth’s citizens just as well, so you’ll want your aim to be true. There’s a storyline as well (which included the being that granted you your powers), which is fun despite being full of all the usual sci-fi/superhero fare you can imagine.

Considering the fact that Megaton Rainfall has you flying around like Superman, arms forward, it was surprising that this isn’t a game that can be controlled using Sony’s Move controllers. Instead, the game uses standard first person shooter-like controls on a regular DualShock gamepad. While this is probably the best and most comfortable way to deal with the different kind of movements and other controls in the game, it does break the immersion somewhat and I would have liked to see a real ‘Superman mode’ included, even if it was an on-rails shooter.

megaton rainfall3

While not playing with a VR headset is an option, I’m convinced that this would have broken the immersion a lot more – playing Megaton Rainfall in VR is a great experience and flying around while taking out the alien forces works very well in the game (this is why I understand the control choices that were made). The sense of scale is especially impressive, since you can be fighting at city level one minute while being in outer space the next – and you can travel in between these perspectives pretty much seamlessly.

Like a lot of Playstation VR titles, Megaton Rainfall is a relatively short game – but priced accordingly. There are nine missions to play through in which you kind of get to feel like Superman, which is a lot of fun to do. The game doesn’t look as good as some other VR titles in the shooter genre do, but we’ll attribute that to the game being created by a small developer – from that perspective, it’s incredibly impressive. It’s not perfect by any means, but it’s closest I’ve come to feeling like Superman.

Score: 7.6/10

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