Midnight Deluxe review (Vita)

After earlier versions on Steam and various Nintendo platforms, Midnight Deluxe offers casual puzzle/physics fun on the PS4 and Playstation Vita now. We played the handheld version for this review.

A combined and expanded version of developer Petite Games’ earlier work, Midnight Deluxe is a great little time-waster of a game not too different from the likes of Angry Birds – though of course with a different gameplay angle. In Midnight Deluxe, you’re using a similar catapult mechanism but not in order to topple evil piggies – instead, you’re looking to catapult yourself (a square character called Midnight) towards the end objective in each level.

midnight deluxe

You don’t have to do this in a single shot either – you theoretically have unlimited shots to do this. This very much makes Midnight Deluxe a relatively casual experience, even on the hardest levels, but there are plenty of ways to make things more challenging for yourself. If you’re content to just pass the level and move on then that’s perfectly okay, but there are stars available if you manage to do the same thing using fewer shots. In many levels, this means you’ll want to go for a “hole in one” – but this can make things far more challenging and frustrating as well.

This basic premise is the same for each of Midnight Deluxe’s 70 levels, but the amount skill required goes up dramatically after a while – with (moving) obstacles asking you to make the most out of your sense of direction and timing. I found that this was best done using button controls for more precision, but if you’re a big touch screen fan (Midnight does feel a bit like a mobile/tablet game, after all) then that’s supported as well.

midnight deluxe3

Audiovisually speaking, Midnight Deluxe just screams ‘indie title’ – with its Limbo-like use of shadow and square-shaped hero. Everything looks nice and polished though, with detailed backdrops and smooth edges. There’s also a nice and relaxing soundtrack in place that’s fitting of a game in this genre – music that doesn’t stand out and tries to provide a mellow atmosphere.

Midnight Deluxe certainly isn’t groundbreaking and we’ve seen plenty of games with a similar mechanic in the past ten years or so. Not too many on the Playstation Vita though, and this is a well-polished example of one that’s available for just 5 euros/dollars. With the Angry Birds trilogy still sitting at a price point that’s six times higher, that’s good value for money.

Score: 7.0/10

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