Steep X Games DLC review (PC)

Since its original release, Steep has gotten a fairly steady flow of content releases. This month, it’s getting the Steep X Games Pass, adding a few game modes that are sure to please those who enjoyed the classic Tony Hawk and SSX titles. We took a look at some of the new content on a PC version of Steep.

And when I say “some of the new content”, it’s not because we’re lazy. Part of the X Games package doesn’t release until later, with a 90s-themed pack coming out in late November and a Rocket Wings update early in the new year – expanding the amount of things you can do with the previously released Rocket Wings DLC.

But let’s back up for a second, because it’s been almost two years since we reviewed Steep and a lot of content’s been added since then. I didn’t play last year’s Winter Olympics-themed package, but did have a lot of fun with some of the other packs. The Extreme and Winterfest packs both added new winter sports and activities to the game, including base jumping and the aforementioned rocket wings as modes that provide plenty of thrills. Speed riding and sled racing keep you more grounded, but they were all decent additions to a game that we originally reviewed as being a lot of fun but also lacking in content – especially is you’re not that into the social/multiplayer element.

steep x games

The latter certainly is still true to a degree, as Steep is still designed with online multiplayer in mind, but the X Games update is probably the best expansion to come out so far if you’re more interested in solo play. Featuring oft-televised sports like Big Air, SuperPipe and Slopestyle (which have also influenced the Winter Olympics), Steep now feels far more objective-based than ever before – which means there’s suddenly a lot more to strive for as a single player.

While much of Steep was about getting down a hill in a myriad of ways, carving out your own path and performing new tricks and combinations every time you played, the X Games addon makes the experience a bit more confined. It’s different from what Steep used to be about, but I think it’s a change for the better. Not just because it’s closer to the traditional single player experiences of the past, but also because these new game modes allow for more easier “jump in and jump out” gameplay.

This also applies to local multiplayer, for those not interested in online play. Vanilla Steep would present you with a huge mountain to traverse, but a run could take quite a while. X Games gives you a lot more options for a quick go, and presents a great opportunity to pass the controller over to someone else – and local multiplayer to me is still the best kind of social experience that gaming can deliver, even if it’s turn-based.

steep x games3

Two years after the initial release, Steep’s online community isn’t as lively as it was about 23 months ago, so the X Games addon is a good mode to have and enjoy locally as well. You’ll still run into loyal Steep players from time to time though, and it’s generally a very friendly community of players that’s not afraid to help you out and show you a few new things to try.

Should you jump in at this point though? If you were still enjoying Steep then the X Games content is excellent value for money, but if you never played the game before then buying the base game and the addon might be too much for you, price-wise. In that case, there’s a gold edition available that gives you a whole load of content at a discount – but my tip would be to grab the base game at a discount and add extra content if you enjoy it. Out of all the extra content, X Games certainly is my favorite addon so far.

Score: 7.5/10

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