Sociable Soccer – an update from Jon Hare

It’s been over a year since Sociable Soccer went into early access on Steam and we previewed it. Lately, much of the news has been about the game heading to China for a mobile release, leaving the community wondering what will happen to the PC and potential console versions. We got in touch with Jon Hare, designer of both the immortal classic Sensible Soccer and Sociable Soccer, to find out more.

Here’s what Jon had to say when asked about the current status of the game:

“The game is developed in Unity and we have a lot of publisher interest in all platforms contingent upon us finishing this current mobile build for commercial launch in China and Asia and then converting the recent improvements to PC, which will then give us the demo build we need in place to secure PC and console publishing contracts.

Once we have progress in these mobile and PC builds we can continue to negotiate further substantive publishing deals with other publishers on all platforms.

sociable soccer

It is through the dedication of the Combo Breaker team and the deal with CrazySports and Migu for mobile versions in Asia that we are still in a relatively strong position and once we have more income then updating the PC version for consumers and securing even more publishing deals for all formats, including PC, console and mobile will be among our first priorities.

We are also in the final stages of getting the online PvP into a commercially solid state for sharing with the public on all platforms.

For now the speed of development on all formats is limited by the amount of money available to pay our relatively small fulltime development team, who are doing everything in their power to get the first full versions of the game released.

There is a huge development path of potential additional features going forward as we roll out the platforms around the world, but of course we need to take these things a step at a time, the game is looking better all the time and we are quietly confident that we can cause a bit of a splash around Asia early next year and take it from there.”

Our thanks to Jon for the update! Lots to look forward to, but a little patience is required.

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