RollerCoaster Arcade VR bundle review (PSVR)

Coming from Warducks this holiday is a bundle of three Playstation VR titles that range from a passive VR experience to intense shooting action. Here’s a look at the RollerCoaster Arcade VR bundle, which offers value for money if you’re looking to build your VR collection.

Included in the bundle are RollerCoaster Legends, RollerCoaster Legends II: Thor’s Hammer and Sneaky Bears. Three games that deliver a good range of VR titles and that fit together well as such, even though Sneaky Bears doesn’t quite fit the rollercoaster theme. The way these three gel together is in how intense the experience is, with the first RollerCoaster Legends being a great entry title for newcomers to VR.

We actually reviewed Legends when it first came out, and it offers a nice and lengthy virtual reality coaster that works well as an introduction to VR for family and friends who haven’t yet had the experience. There’s very little in the way of replay value though, which is at its strongest in Sneaky Bears – another title we previously reviewed.

rollercoaster arcade vr bundle2

We never went hands on with Thor’s Hammer before though, and it sits comfortable between the other two titles in the genre. While it would be a stretch to call RollerCoaster Legends a game, its sequel introduces shooter elements into the mix, which  immediately increases the lasting appeal for the coaster (which can still be done as a passive experience without shooting).

The shooting elements don’t suddenly make Thor’s Hammer a must have title, and a title like Until Dawn: Rush of Blood is vastly superior as a game in terms of content, presentation and gameplay. However, it’s certainly a welcome addition that provides a reason to experience the Norse mythology-inspired coaster more than just once – which was the weak point for the first entry in the series.

Packaged as a bundle, these three games (assuming you don’t already own one or two) are now available at a very competitive price point. You can get (sometimes free) smartphone apps the give you the VR rollercoaster experience, but both RollerCoaster Legends titles are superior to those if you’re looking for a VR coaster. Thor’s Hammer adds the option to play while shooting targets, and Sneaky Bears is the top title in the pack with its fun wave shooter gameplay.

rollercoaster arcade vr bundle3



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