RollerCoaster Legends review (PSVR)

RollerCoaster Legends, by the developer and publisher of Sneaky Bears, is a brand new game/experience for Playstation VR. Available at a budget price, it’s a decent way to show off VR to those not quite at home with a gamepad.

When VR first came knocking on our door in Google Cardboard/VR Gear form, rollercoaster simulations were among the most common apps used to demonstrate the technology. A clever way of getting around the limitations of the platform (a lack of proper controls), it gave people a great idea of what VR could do even with modest technical means.

rollercoaster legends

Fast forward to (almost) 2018, and VR has taken big strides forward. We have three major brands on the market right now, and mainstream games regularly come with VR support in addition to an ever-growing number of VR exclusive titles. Do rollercoaster sims still have a place in that environment? Warducks sure thought so.

Since RollerCoaster Legends doesn’t run through a phone app, Warducks have poured a ton more content into it than people did into those little simulations from the olden days. Legends is an eight minute long thrill ride, in which the scenery frequently changes and the twists and turns go in unexpected directions.

rollercoaster legends 3

RollerCoaster Legends is, obviously, not a recreation of a real-life rollercoaster. Instead, it takes you on an on-rails journey through large portions of Greek mythology – it’s almost as if you’re experiencing “God of War – The Ride” in that sense. This holds true for both the locations you whisk by and the characters you’ll recognize, including the likes of Kronos and the fabled Minotaur.

Is there much to do besides the eight minute ride? No, and those expecting a mythological version of Rush of Blood will come away disappointed. More a VR demo than a game, this is the type of software you’ll use to showcase your Playstation VR headset to your parents and friends when they come over during the holidays – not one you boot up again and again by yourself. It’s perfectly functional, it’s fun – but it’s very short and has a low amount of replay value. Hard to recommend for gamers, but if you’re looking for an easy way to demonstrate VR then this is a good option for you.

Score: 6.0/10

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