Block-a-Pix review (Vita)

A new puzzler for the Vita from Lightwood Games, Block-a-Pix Deluxe is a cross-buy title where you also get the PS4 version for free with your purchase. Let’s see how this new game from the people who brought us the excellent Pic-a-Pix series plays.

Block-a-Pix isn’t an entirely new title, as it was previously released for mobile devices as well as the Nintendo 3DS. The new release isn’t just coming to Playstation either, as it’s also available for the Switch. And while it’s similar to Pic-a-Pix in name, it’s got a different gameplay mechanic and isn’t as closely related as the Classic, Color and Pieces editions are to each other.


In Block-a-Pix, the grid looks a little like a Minesweeper field, in which you have to place rectangles and squares. Your only hints are colored numbers in a few boxes, which indicate how big the rectangle or square is that overlaps with a particular box and what color it has. All the number 1 boxes are already colored in, but other than that it’s up to you.

Some numbers are easier than other, since a 3 means you’re looking at a 3×1 rectangle but a 4 can be either a 4×1 or 2×2 shape. As with many of Lightwood’s games (that were developed by Conceptis), Block-a-Pix is all about deduction. It may not use the Picross/nonogram formula, but you should never have to guess.


There is a ton of content in the game, with dozens of puzzles ranging in size from small to almost impossible to get done in one sitting. Luckily, the game lets you save your progress. This makes Block-a-Pix a great title to play for a few minutes at a time, although it can take quite a while for the “I solved it!” feeling of satisfaction to come in during the larger levels – which can drain your motivation a bit. If you’re a trophy hunter, you’re also in for the long haul – the platinum trophy doesn’t unlock until you clear every single puzzle.

Visually, everything is very similar to what we’re used to from Lightwood/Conceptis. Grids and colorful 8-bit style pictures to unlock from start to finish, with a catchy little music track playing in the background. There isn’t much variety both in terms of the visuals or the music, but the audiovisual element likely isn’t why people will pick up this game.

As a puzzler, it’s slightly more accessible than Pic-a-Pix and certainly different enough, making it a decent alternative to what’s out there already.

Score: 7.5/10

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