Football, Tactics & Glory heading to consoles

Creoteam’s Football, Tactics & Glory has been picked up by Austrian publisher Toplitz for a console version later this year. It’s scheduled for Q4 of this year, and Toplitz used Gamescom to make a special announcement leading up to the release.

A game which has garnered a “very positive” review status on Steam since its release back in June of last year, Football, Tactics & Glory takes a different approach to the football/soccer manager genre. Most manager titles see you craft and train your team before sending them into a match with a set of tactical instructions, which you can try to tweak as the match plays out in real time. Creoteam takes more of a turn-based strategy approach to matches, and blends it with RPG elements to help you level up your squad. It’s been an instant hit since its Steam release and is heading to consoles soon.

During Gamescom, Toplitz further reinforced their belief in the game by announcing a licensing deal that makes none other than Lothar Matthäus, captain of the world cup-winning German team of 1990, the face of the game. He attended the show to talk about the game and his career as well, marking one of the most notable celebrity appearances of this year’s show.

football tactics and glory2

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