The B-Team arrives on Oculus Quest

Bringing back one of their older titles, developer Twisted Pixel just launched The B-Team on the Oculus Quest.

If the name Twisted Pixel rings a bell, it could be because you’re heard of (or even played) their excellent Rift exclusive horror game Wilson’s Heart or the spy thriller Defector. If you were an early Oculus Go user, however, you might be familiar with a different title: B-Team, which was a launch title for the platform. They’re bringing it to the Oculus Quest now in a polished version, a few months after they released the VR brawler Path of the Warrior.

Compared to games like Wilson’s Heart and Defector, B-Team is an arcade-like experience with several gameplay modes, one of which being a fun runner in which the ability to switch (on the fly) between four different characters breathes new life into a very familiar genre. Each characters has their own unique abilities to help you overcome a level’s various obstacles, so you’ll use one to briefly float over an obstacle before switching to another to ram through a wall that’s in your way.

B-Team also features the (voice) acting skills of Hollywood talent like Fred Williamson (Mash and From Dusk Till Dawn), “Best of the Best” Eric Roberts and “American Ninja” Michael Dudikoff. The game doesn’t take itself too seriously and embraces its B-movie vibe as invading aliens put up a series of minigame challenges. Its mobile/Go roots are clear, but the game provides a bit of accessible fun that even Quest novices should appreciate.

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