Asgard’s Wrath is now on sale! (Oculus)

Of course everyone’s now realized that Half Life: Alyx is one of the killer apps you can get for your VR helmet. If you’re playing on an Oculus Rift, however, then another really impressive title to play is Asgard’s Wrath – and it’s now (for the first time ever) available on sale through the Oculus store.

Inspired by Norse mythology, Asgard’s Wrath is an epic RPG that was designed from the ground up for virtual reality. Titles like these are still rare in VR, as most RPG games are either short or were ported from a non-VR platform – Skyrim comes to mind here. Asgard’s Wrath is about 20 hours long and features a ton of control mechanics that only work with VR/motion controllers. From combat to the ability pick up and manipulate objects in the game world, this is an impressive title both in terms of scope and in terms of technical prowess.

It’s a gorgeous game to look at, and there’s a massive 150GB install price to pay for it as well. It’s easily the biggest VR title we’ve installed so far, but it’s well worth it and can sit alongside the likes of Alyx in terms of showcase products for VR. It’s exclusive to the Oculus store, so count yourself lucky if you have an Oculus – also because it’s currently on sale (until April 12). We just started playing and can safely say that all the critical acclaim it received when it launched last year was well deserved.

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