Indie Interviews: Lamentum (Gamescom)

Lamentum, a pixel art survival-horror game set in New England in the mid-nineteenth century, is currently scheduled for a 2021 release. It is, however, already present on Steam with a demo you can download to get a sample for the game. We talked to the developers at Obscure Tales, who are also attending this year’s digital Gamescom through the Indie Arena Booth.

How did you come up with the core idea for Lamentum?

Lamentum was born from the idea of combining the genre of classic survival horror with pixel art aesthetics. Our inspirations are the classic Resident Evil and Silent Hill along with pixel art games that have made a mark on us, such as Yuppie Psycho and Lone Survivor.

Taking those mechanics and inspirations, we decided to create our own version of a survival horror game.

What sets the game apart from similar games in the genre?

A dark and mature approach to classic survival horror set it in the Victorian era, with exploration, puzzle solving, variety of weapons and inventory management. In addition, we have multiple endings. Each of them will be linked to the decisions you make during the adventure.


How did the creative process behind the visual/art style develop over time?

From the beginning we wanted creatures and places to have a unique look. The choice of the Victorian era mixed with a world of nightmares is a cocktail that gives us great artistic freedom.

Regarding the design of the creatures, we wanted to create creatures with a more nightmarish aspect away from the classic enemies of horror games.

Considering that we love H.P. Lovecraft and horror movies like “The Thing” or “Hellraiser”, you can expect a lot of meat, tentacles and deformities in our enemies’ designs.


What can you tell us about Obscure Tales as a team?

We are two people at Obscure Tales: Nico (programmer) and Fran (art). We met in a forum where people look for partners to create video games and we quickly realized that we shared the same tastes when it came to video games.

We thought it was a good opportunity to create something that we really liked, so we decided to join forces and that was how our first project together was born.

We also have the help of Black Light Sound (@blacklightsnd) who does an amazing job with Lamentum’s music.

What have been some of the more interesting challenges during the development process?

One of the most difficult challenges is to put up barriers to yourself and accept that you cannot include everything that you would like in your game.

You have to be aware during development that with only two people on the team you have time and resource limitations that you have to assume.


2020 has been a bit of an unusual year – did this affect the development of the game?

Of course. This year is being difficult for all of us. The current situation has delayed our launch, but we are well advanced in development, so we hope to launch our game in early 2021 (Q1 2021)

We have recently started working with a publisher, Another Indie, and thanks to the support they give us we will be able to launch simultaneously on all platforms, something unthinkable when working alone.

When the game releases, what do you hope people will take away from the experience?

We want people to enjoy the experience of playing classic survival horror and would like them to feel attracted by the adult narrative, wanting to discover the secrets that are hidden in Grau Hill mansion.

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