Venom launches next gen controller racks

Last month, Venom – the UK-based designer and manufacturer of gaming accessories – expanded their range of products for the current batch of next/new gen consoles. Time for a quick look at their new controller racks for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.

It possibly has one of the least sexy names in gaming at the moment, but Venom’s “Controller Rack” is nothing but functional – so the name fits. Practical in nature, the new controller racks for the PS5 and Xbox One are a good solution if you’re looking to store your DualSense or Xbox gamepads in somewhat of an organized fashion.


Of course you could always store them on a charging station – something Venom also offers – but if you’re finding yourself leaving your controllers on the table, behind the TV set, on the couch or just lingering something in your living room, then these racks are ideal.

Designed to fit with your new console, but in terms of shape and color, the racks easily clip onto the console while padding makes sure the process doesn’t scratch your console’s surface – which would have been a concern on the PS5’s white surface. Once attached, each rack holds two controllers for easy storage. There’s plenty of space as well, so getting them on there isn’t a fiddly process at all.

Priced at just £7.99, these are a cheap yet well made investment towards a neater looking gaming environment, so well worth a look.


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