Outright announces Paw Patrol: Grand Prix and more

Outright Games, one of the biggest names in family friendly videogame entertainment, just held its annual “Unwrapped” event, with a host of new game announcements – one of which is a brand new kart racer in the Paw Patrol universe! Read on to find out more.

Perhaps the biggest tease of the show was the release of a DC Justice League-based game that’s coming in 2023, but the publisher had plenty of titles that are scheduled for a release in the summer and fall – all of which are coming to all major systems. DC League of Super-Pets: The Adventures of Krypto and Ace is up first with a release on July 15th, but the fall looks like it’ll be especially busy, with games like LOL Surprise! B.Bs Born To Travel, DreamWorks Dragons: Legends of the Nine Realms and Star Trek Prodigy: Supernova all scheduled for a release within that time period.

dc pets

Star Trek fans will be especially excited at the prospect of playing a genuine Star Trek game together with their young ones in local co-op, and Legends of the Nine Realms is a completely new story in the Dragons franchise that is set 1,300 years after the events of How to Train Your Dragon – featuring only dragons this time.

The title that most caught our eye, however, was Paw Patrol: Grand Prix, which is a kart racer style game featuring the familiar pups as well as Ryder. Where all three Paw Patrol games released thus far were platformers, this promises to be a completely different kind of experience – though also something that stays very true to the franchise, in which each pup already has their own signature vehicle.

paw patrol2

We were also excited to learn that (unlike said platformers) Paw Patrol: Grand Prix will feature the familiar and catch theme song from the TV show, and (depending on your language settings) the voice talents of the TV show. Gameplay-wise, the game is being developed by 3DClouds, so if you’ve played their racers based on Blaze, Ryan and Fast & Furious then you have a decent idea of what to expect here as well. Expect slower driving than in a game like Sonic Racing to accommodate youngsters – who can also use driving aids to help them if they need it.

Compared to the earlier platformers, another novelty is that you’ll be able to play local multiplayer games as well, with support for up to four players at once. If you have a couple of young ones, this could be a real blast to play together. It’s due for release at the end of September, and we can’t wait to go hands on with it. As was the case last year, it’s looking like Outright will have another strong holiday season in 2022.

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