Marvel Champions: Mutant Genesis review

The holidays are always a good period to look beyond digital games and towards games you can play while enjoying the company of others at a table. Marvel Champions is one such game, and we’re checking out its Mutant Genesis expansion that was recently released – adding X-Men characters and scenarios to the growing roster of content for the game.

Since the game launched a few years ago, Marvel Champions: The Card Game has been a massive success for Fantasy Flight Games, tapping into the success of the MCU but also gathering rave reviews from both critics and players, who rate it as one of the top games in all of boardgaming. Mutant Genesis is the game’s entry point into the world of the X-Men, which we feel have been looked over a bit too much in recent cinematic history. We loved the Avengers films as much as you did, but would rather see a new X-Men film than another Eternals story.


But while the core set features Iron Man, Black Panther, Spider-Man, Captain Marvel, and She-Hulk, Mutant Genesis goes with some of the lesser known characters from the X-Men universe as its two heroes: Shadowcat and Colossus. If you’re into the cinematic side of the X-Men then you’ll find that the villain side is better represented with Sabertooth, Mystique and Magneto, but if you were hoping for Wolverine and Professor X as heroes then they’re sadly missing in action beyond their roles as allies – though future expansions might change this.

Mutant Genesis does feature precon decks for both heroes though, as well as five scenarios to play though – in which you’ll face off against the Brotherhood of Mutants and sentinels as well as the aforementioned Sabertooth, Mystique and Magneto. As with the base content you can play through the expansion solo as well as with others, and the quality of the scenarios makes it such a blast to play that you’ll soon grow attached to Shadowcat and Colossus – who represent new tactics for you to learn and employ in battle.


Colossus is, as you’d expect, a damage dealer who is tough to take down in battle, whereas Shadowcat’s ability to switch between a physical and ‘phased’ form gives you the ability to traverse around enemies and avoid getting hurt in a head-on conflict. It’s not as straightforward as working with Colossus, but the learning curve is rewarding when you start completing scenarios after an earlier failure to do so. Part of that is definitely also that the scenarios are well-written and feature some iconic villains, allowing you to visualize what’s going on if you’re familiar with the films or comics.

As with the base game, Mutant Genesis offer replayability as well, and playing with a friend can make the experience feel fresh again after a solo effort. It’s especially fun tackling some of the tougher scenarios together, like your face-off against Magneto, who is as powerful an adversary here as he is in the source content.

Mutant Genesis is an excellent follow-up to the Marvel Champions base game – with slightly more challenging scenarios it builds on the foundations of the game while also introducing a range of extremely popular characters from the Marvel roster. We’ve been hoping for some kind of Avengers and X-Men crossover since Endgame, and maybe this is it.

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