Developer interview: Ruins of Symbaroum 5E

If you’re a tabletop enthusiast, you may have caught the recent news about the world of Symbaroum being adapted for the 5e ruleset. Opening up this acclaimed world to the massive crowd of D&D players out there is a big step, and the community has more than warmed to the new and upcoming version, dubbed Ruins of Symbaroum. The Kickstarter has already met its goal ten times over and there’s still a week left on it! Time to check in with co-creator and game writer of Ruins of Symbaroum, Mattias Lilja. Continue reading “Developer interview: Ruins of Symbaroum 5E”

Developer interview: Symbaroum Starter Set – Treasure Hunts in Davokar

Free League recently released a brand new starter set for Symbaroum, entitled Treasure Hunts in Davokar. It’s been our introduction into the rich world of Symbaroum, and after our first few gameplay sessions we can’t wait to dive deeper into the world through the many additional campaign books already available for this award-winning game. It also prompted us to reach out to Mattias Johnsson Haake, one of the co-creators of the game, who also helped found Järnringen. In additional, Mattias has a PhD in Behavioral Science and has already written five novels to date in addition to his work on numerous RPG adventures and sourcebooks. Here is the result of our conversation, in which we delve deeper into the creative process of crafting something like Symbaroum, and look at Table Top Role Playing Games (TTRPGs) in a wider context as well. Continue reading “Developer interview: Symbaroum Starter Set – Treasure Hunts in Davokar”

Escape Room – The Game Puzzle Adventures: Secret of the Scientist (Review)

From virtual reality to online escape rooms, we’ve seen some interesting takes on the escape room phenomenon over the past year year. Identity Games has just released a brand new take on the formula with Escape Room The Game: Puzzle Adventures – Secret of the Scientist. It’s quite the mouthful, but how does it play? Continue reading “Escape Room – The Game Puzzle Adventures: Secret of the Scientist (Review)”

Release roundup: HyperParasite, Nioh 2, Super Sports Blast, Wingspan, Override 2 & Rhythm of the Gods

The weeks surrounding the holidays are traditionally very quiet when it comes to gaming news and new releases, but we put together a few worthwhile highlights for you in a series of headlines and mini reviews: Continue reading “Release roundup: HyperParasite, Nioh 2, Super Sports Blast, Wingspan, Override 2 & Rhythm of the Gods”

Warcry Catacombs review

The holiday period is traditionally a period for seeing family and friends, and staying indoors while enjoying good food, company and games. Now that we’re traveling less and have a bit more time on our hands in 2020, it’s a good opportunity to take up a new game – our game of choice is Warcry Catacombs, which is an expanded re-release of the game that Games Workshop put out last year. Time for a closer look. Continue reading “Warcry Catacombs review”