Catan – Dawn of Humankind review

The name “Catan” has become such a familiar one in the world of board games that it’s hard to fathom that there are literally dozens of different game variations out there for it at this point, including quite a fun simplified spin-off games. Catan – Dawn of Humankind is a major new release though, and part of the studio’s “Catan Histories” series. Continue reading “Catan – Dawn of Humankind review”

Star Wars: The Clone Wars review

When Star Wars – The Clone Wars was released a few weeks ago, it instantly grabbed our attention with its subtitle – “a Pandemic System Game”. As massive fans of both Star Wars and the Pandemic board game, it was one of the most exciting prospects of the holiday season for us. And yes, it lived up to that promise – here’s our review of the game, which is being published by Asmodee. Continue reading “Star Wars: The Clone Wars review”

The Adventures of Robin Hood review

In our search for the best family-friendly gift ideas for the holidays, The Adventures of Robin Hood, published by the likes of KOSMOS and 999 Games, stood out to us as a fantastic option for those who enjoy narrative-driven board games that offer a rich experience despite a lack of complex rules. Here’s why we liked it so much. Continue reading “The Adventures of Robin Hood review”