DLC roundup: PowerWash Simulator, Asterigos: Curse of the Stars & Beat Saber

We regularly dive back into games we previously enjoyed when they get new DLC – today we’re doing that with PowerWash Simulator, Asterigos: Curse of the Stars and Beat Saber.

PowerWash Simulator – Midgar Special Pack DLC review (PS5)

In the consistently popular ‘simulator’ genre, PowerWash Simulator became a bit of an unexpected runaway hit when it launched last year. Who would have thought that virtually hosing stuff off with water would prove to be so popular? In reality, it turned out to be one of those go-to games where you can unwind and relax for a bit – and then look back on your results and be pleased. It become such a hit that it was promptly ported over to additional platforms, allowing us to play it on a PlayStation 5 a few months after it appeared on PC.

One of the interesting things about PowerWash Simulator is that Square Enix is publishing it, and we’ve seen some excellent post-launch DLC because of that. They first pack that developer FuturLab made was all about Tomb Raider – featuring iconic locations and objects from the world of Lara Croft, including her manor. Now, the Midgar Special Pack does something quite similar, but this release uses Final Fantasy VII as its source of inspiration.


Included in the pack are smaller jobs like a Shinra Hauler and Cloud’s iconic Hardy-Daytona motorbike, but before too long you’ll be cleaning off a giant Scorpion Sentinel – one of the game’s giant bosses. Rounding out the collection are the Airbuster, the Seventh Heaven bar – arguably the highlight here – and the Mako Energy Exhibit. And if lots of little visual details weren’t fan service enough, you’ll also regularly receive message from others living in Midgar, telling you both about the location you’re cleaning and current events – which seem to coincide with the plot of Final Fantasy VII.

The Midgar Special Pack is a DLC package well done – connecting two seemingly unrelated franchises in a fun new way with plenty of fan service for Final Fantasy fans. And perhaps best of all? It’s completely free for anyone who owns PowerWash Simulator.

Asterigos: Curse Of The Stars – Call Of The Paragons DLC review (PS5)

When Acme Gamestudio, together with tinyBuild, released Asterigos: Curse of the Stars back in October, it was a pleasant surprise – an indie action RPG with Souls-like mechanics that was able to stand toe to toe with the big games in the genre. From a visual style that was inspired by Greek and Roman history to engaging combat and a strong narrative, it was an excellent release that perhaps didn’t get the attention it deserved because it was released in what’s the busiest season of the year.


Luckily, with the new Call of the Paragons DLC, there’s a new reason to dive back in and check out the game. This time, a rift to a new environment (called Phantasma) opens up in the city of Aphes, and it’s up to protagonist Hilde to traverse this rift and prove her worth. But while that may sound like the start of another epic quest (the original campaign took 30+ hours to complete), Call of the Paragons feels more like a series of challenge missions.

Included are seven Paragons for you to do battle with – ancient heroes who you’ll now face in battle. In addition, there are 12 new weapons for you to craft, as well as a new outfit – all of which relates to Phantasma, the ‘hero realm’. And while you’ll also run into a few puzzles on your journey there, experienced players will find it hard to find more than two hours of content here – making it a relatively expensive DLC release compared to the amazing value for money that the base game represents. Call of the Paragons is quality content, it’s just over much sooner than you’ll want it to be.

Beat Saber’s Imagine Dragons DLC just got bigger and better

It’s safe to say that Beat Saber is a bit of a recurring title in our DLC roundups – since the game’s release almost four years ago its library has steadily grown, with a lineup of major artists now available in-game. From Green Day to Billie Eilish and from The Weeknd to Lady Gaga and Linkin Park, there’s a massive selection out there today. One of the first acts to be featured was Imagine Dragons, way back in 2019, and their music pack recently got a major upgrade.

beat saber

The upgrade, which can be bought as part of a new standalone package or as an upgrade for existing users, features two brand new songs – Bones and Enemy, the latter of which people might know from the Arcane series on Netflix. Even more exciting, however, is that the associated environment has been updated to include the new lighting effects that were added to Beat Saber at some point, and that the upgrade affects all of the existing songs as well.

The way the latter works is that all of the existing songs, which include Bad Liar, Thunder and Believer, have been updated with new maps – now including the Arc and Chain notes that were added to the game last year. So even if you’re a veteran of the game and these songs, there’s a new way to play now – and that part of the upgrade is absolutely free to existing owners. Looks like Beat Saber’s here to stay in 2023 – we can’t wait to find out what’s in store next.

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