Garden Simulator review (PS4)

Garden Simulator by PRODUKTIVKELLER Studios, which is being published on consoles by Toplitz, is a game that allows players to cultivate their own virtual garden, take care of the plants, and then harvest and sell them. The game is designed to cater to those who have a love for gardening, and it offers a wide variety of plants and decorational elements to make your garden unique. We checked out the PlayStation version of the game.

One of the biggest positives of the game is its calming and relaxing gameplay. Players can spend hours tending to their gardens and watching their plants grow, which can be a great way to unwind after a long day – without getting your fingers dirty. The game’s creation engine is impressive, allowing players to experiment with different design elements and create unique and beautiful gardens.


The game offers a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, and flowers for players to plant and cultivate, and players can sell their harvest for money to unlock new tools, plants, and decorational elements. Players can place decorational items like fences, hedges, and furniture around their gardens too, and as players progress through the game, they will unlock more and more content, which keeps the game fresh and engaging through a simple game loop.

One of the negatives of the game is that it can become repetitive after a while – though we could jokingly point out that it’s a lot like actual gardening that way. The gameplay loop is fairly simple and can become monotonous for some players, especially those who are not particularly interested in gardening. Additionally, some players may find the controls to be clunky and difficult to use, which can be frustrating when trying to plant or harvest crops.


Despite its flaws, Garden Simulator is a solid game that offers a unique and engaging experience for players who are interested in gardening – especially if you want to take the “work” out of garden work. The game’s visuals are bright and colorful, and the plants and decorational elements are detailed and well-designed. The game’s sound design is also impressive, with a relaxing soundtrack that complements the gameplay well.

Overall, Garden Simulator is a solid game that offers a unique and engaging experience for players who have an active or latent interest in gardening. The game’s calming and relaxing gameplay, impressive physics engine, and wide variety of content make it a nice choice for anyone who loves (the idea of) spending time outdoors and tending to plants. While the game can become repetitive after a while, the wealth of content and the game’s relaxing atmosphere make it a good choice for anyone looking for a fun and engaging gardening simulation.

Score: 7.0/10

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