Port roundup: Nightmare Reaper, Boss Rush: Mythology & Pretty Girls 2048 Strike

Nightmare Reaper, Boss Rush: Mythology and Pretty Girls 2048 Strike all got their start on Steam, but have been recently ported over to new systems. We’re checking them out on the PlayStation 4 – here are our thoughts.

Nightmare Reaper review (PS4)

Nightmare Reaper, originally released to much acclaim on Steam, has now arrived on consoles with the help of Feardemic. This dark and violent fusion of retro and modern action games draws visual inspiration from the 2.5D first-person shooters of the 90s while incorporating modern elements of looter shooters and rogue-lites. With intense gameplay, character progression, an impressive variety of weapons, and a captivating audio experience, Nightmare Reaper delivers a blood-soaked adventure that will satisfy fans of classic shooters and modern gaming alike.

In Nightmare Reaper, players are thrust into open-ended levels teeming with enemies, surprises, and copious amounts of blood and treasure. As the protagonist, you rise to prevent impending doom and engage in relentless battles against nightmarish foes to find salvation in blood – though you’re welcome to ignore the story as well, as it’s the gameplay mechanics where Nightmare Reaper excels. The combination of retro-inspired shooting and modern elements creates a compelling experience, and players will encounter a plethora of enemies, from grotesque creatures to terrifying bosses, keeping them constantly on their toes.


Character progression is a key aspect, allowing players to utilize the gold they find to purchase upgrades and new abilities through engaging minigames. The game’s random level generation, alongside numerous random events and secrets, ensure a high replay value and constant surprises. One of these surprises is how the game channels the spirit of retro shooters while incorporating modern design elements. It boasts a vibrant and detailed pixel art style that pays homage to classic 2.5D shooters, with a variety of environments and atmospheric lighting that contribute to the game’s eerie and immersive atmosphere. The animation is smooth and fluid, enhancing the overall sense of frenetic action and intensity.

One of the standout aspects of Nightmare Reaper is its addictive and fast-paced gameplay. The mix of retro shooting mechanics with modern influences creates a seamless and satisfying experience, with open-ended level design that allows for exploration and discovering hidden secrets. This keeps players engaged and eager to uncover every corner of the game world, which has some great weapon variety with 80 unique weapons. They can be further enhanced with over 30 enchantment types, adding depth and customization to the combat experience.

With its intense gameplay, character progression, and impressive array of weapons, Nightmare Reapers deserves all the praise it got. If you’re a fan of classic shooters and modern gaming hybrids, Nightmare Reaper is a must-play title that will keep you hooked from start to finish.

Boss Rush: Mythology review (PS4)

Boss Rush: Mythology, developed by Alexey Suslin and published on consoles by Sometimes You, offers players an action-packed experience where players engage in intense battles against creatures and gods from Greek, Scandinavian, Slavic, and Egyptian mythologies. This souls-like 2D action game puts players in the shoes of a mysterious knight traversing different realms to face off against formidable opponents. With its challenging combat and diverse selection of weapons and items, Boss Rush: Mythology is an interesting trek across various mythological realms.

The game embraces a souls-like combat system, offering intense and strategic battles against 20 epic bosses. Each boss draws inspiration from different mythologies, providing a diverse and captivating array of enemies to conquer. And as you’d expect from a souls-like title, the gameplay mechanics of Boss Rush: Mythology focus on precise timing, strategic decision-making, and mastery of combat techniques. Players can choose from 6 different weapons and 6 types of items, allowing for a personalized playstyle. The combat system also rewards skillful dodges, well-timed parries, and punishing counterattacks. The choice of difficulty level adds an extra layer of challenge, catering to both seasoned players and newcomers.

boss rush

The game’s art style showcases beautifully detailed environments inspired by ancient mythologies. From the Greek pantheon to the realms of Norse and Slavic folklore, each setting has been crafted to immerse players in a world rich with mythical lore. Though technically unimpressive, the bosses and backdrops stand out through their unique designs and animations, showcasing the grandeur of their mythological origins.

With its challenging and rewarding combat system that demands players to learn attack patterns, adapt their strategies, and exploit weaknesses, there’s a real sense of accomplishment upon defeating a challenging boss. Those looking for more than just boss fights might lament the lack of traditional exploration or narrative elements though, but if you generally prefer the boss fights in a souls-like game then this one has plenty to offer you.

Pretty Girls 2048 Strike review (PS4)

Pretty Girls 2048 Strike, which originally launched on Steam, has made its way to consoles with the help of Eastasiasoft. This unique take on the 2048 number game introduces players to a world where number blocks are combined to form larger numbers, and then used as ammunition against enemies. With two engaging game modes, a diverse cast of characters, and an intriguing dressing room feature as fan service, Pretty Girls 2048 Strike offers a familiar experience to those who have played other games in this franchise before.

Pretty Girls 2048 Strike presents players with two distinct game modes: Stage Mode and Endless Mode. In Stage Mode, players navigate through 10 stages, representing the five Demon Tribes. The objective is to defeat the demons by combining number blocks to form larger numbers and hitting them against the enemy blocks. With each stage, the difficulty increases, offering a satisfying challenge. On the other hand, Endless Mode is all about competing against endless blocks to inflict maximum damage on the enemy before being unable to move further.

pretty girls

The game’s premise is refreshing, blending numerical strategy with combat mechanics. By seamlessly fusing puzzle-solving with action elements, Pretty Girls 2048 Strike is an interesting entry in the crowded puzzle game genre as long as you’re not already familiar with the 2048 concept. The combination of number block management and enemy block destruction creates a sense of urgency and requires players to think strategically, making each decision crucial.

Visually, Pretty Girls 2048 Strike stands out with its stunning artwork and character designs. The game boasts an extensive cast of characters, including Exorcist Swordsmen and Demon Tribes, each with their own unique traits and personalities. The characters are nicely illustrated and brought to life with Japanese voice acting, adding depth to their portrayal. The dressing room feature allows players to customize their characters and create personalized snapshots, though this really mostly for fans of anime-inspired art. Pretty Girls 2048 Strike successfully brings the popular 2048 number game concept into its diverse range of video games, but if you’re already familiar with the gameplay mechanics it wears thin rather quickly unless you’re into the art style.

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