Steel Division 2 preview (Gamescom)

Steel Division II builds on the solid foundations of Steel Division: Normandy ’44. Eugen Systems, known for their Wargame and Act of War series prior to Steel Division, is self-publishing the sequel after going through Paradox for the first one. We got a sneak peak at this year’s Gamescom – here’s the report. Continue reading “Steel Division 2 preview (Gamescom)”

Arizona Sunshine LB VR preview (Gamescom)

At this year’s Gamescom, one of the show’s highlights was hidden away in Hall number 5 – away from the big Sony, Activision, Nintendo, EA and Ubisoft booths. Vertigo Games, working with Boston (providing their Roamer MU-VR hardware for a wireless experience) and Alternate (hosting the experience), showcased their Location-Based version of Arizona Sunshine in VR. Continue reading “Arizona Sunshine LB VR preview (Gamescom)”