Developer interview: The Legend of Tianding

The recent Steam Next Festival allowed gamers to get to know and try out a lot of upcoming games. One of them was The Legend of Tianding from developer CGCG, which is being released through Neon Doctrine later this year. As a sidescrolling action adventure with roots in history and folk tales, it certainly stood out to us and we couldn’t wait to find out more. We reached out to the developers at CGCG and here’s what we learned. Continue reading “Developer interview: The Legend of Tianding”

Release roundup: Blitz Breaker, Watch Dogs Legion: Bloodline & Black Skylands

Three more brand new releases to check out today, and three very different ones too. We look at a lovely new indie platformer from Eastasiasoft with Blitz Breaker, new DLC story content for Watch Dogs Legion and the Early Access release of Black Skylands. Continue reading “Release roundup: Blitz Breaker, Watch Dogs Legion: Bloodline & Black Skylands”