World of Warships preview (PC)

World of Warships is shaping up to be vastly different from its tank and plane-based cousins, and promises to bring the artillery genre to a whole new generation of (online) gamers. We spoke with Mikhail Fedorov, head of operations for Lesta Studios in St. Petersburg, about the upcoming title.

World of Warships is the next chapter in’s lineup of online wargames and, as the title suggests, deals with large naval battles featuring a host of ships ranging from destroyers to cruisers and from battleships to aircraft carriers. What one ship lacks in speed, it makes up for in sheer firepower. What another lacks in terms of shielding, it makes up for with superior maneuverability.

A careful balancing act between these (and more) characteristics is what makes or breaks a game of this type, and World of Warships is no exception. The game is currently still in alpha and we only had a brief taster of what the gameplay is like, but judging from other titles we have little need to worry.

World of Warships

What did become clear during our talk with Mikhail and our play session was that the game takes a different approach in terms of its core gameplay. This is way less of an ‘in your face’ experience than World of Tanks and World of Warplanes is, and instead brings careful aiming to the foreground.

This means that you have to account for the distance between you and your opponent, their direction and speed of movement and where you would ideally want to hit them to deliver the most damage you can with a single shot. Reloading your long range cannons can take a while, so it’s crucial to make sure every shot counts.

It’s this type of gameplay that made games like Scorched Earth exciting to play back in the day, and is looking to bring back that experience in an epic and naval warfare-based way. The game already features two nations, 6 maps and 75 different ships, with more to follow before and after the game launches.

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