Homefront: The Revolution Expansion Pass impressions (PC)

Homefront: The Revolution didn’t get the reception it was hoping for, but the expansion pass adds more content to those who were gripped by the game’s premise. Caution: story spoilers ahead.

While some expansion/season passes focus on multiplayer – like Doom did, Homefront’s pass introduces a range of content that includes more single player story content. All the components are available for sale individually as well, so it’s up to personal preference what you enjoy most and if you need the full pass or just a few individual components. For me, it’s all about the story content. There are skins and weapons/items included as well, but it’s Homefront’s setting and story that were always my favorites.

The expansion pass will feature three additional story missions that tie into the original. Two of those have already been released, with a third on the horizon for release in 2017. Available now are The Voice of Freedom and Aftermath, taking place before and after the storyline of the main game.


The Voice of Freedom casts you as Benjamin Walker and serves as an infiltration mission, where you try to enter Philadelphia and encounter a gang that puts up resistance. Most of this mission takes place indoors, in subway tunnels that are poorly lit – providing cover of darkness. It’s suspenseful, it’s fun, but it’s also over all too soon. Our playthrough only lasted for about an hour, and we weren’t even pushing too hard.

A similar pattern unfolds in Aftermath, although its setting is different and – in our opinion – more interesting. Set after the events of the original game, you will attempt to rescue the former leader of the resistance – now branded a traitor by many on account of his role in recent propaganda broadcasts for the occupying forces. Aftermath’s mission is slightly longer than The Voice of Freedom, but it’s still a short experience. It does a much better job at conveying the intricate nature of Homefront’s plotlines though, and made for a more interesting piece of content in our opinion.

The third story pack promises to be the biggest/longest of the three, and we’re looking forward to completing the story. Titled “Beyond the Wall”, we’re wondering if it’s going to set up Homefront for another sequel. We’ll have to wait until 2017 to find out…


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