Trickster VR review (PSVR)

Trickster VR just quietly snuck onto the Playstation VR platform recently – time to check out this dungeon crawler, which has been making waves on Steam since its early access launch.

Speaking of which, Trickster VR on Steam is actually still in early access, where it’s been for over two years now. In a way the Playstation VR is getting the finish version early, but they’re also getting a different game – or rather a different version of it. While the PC version on Steam is dubbed “Trickster VR: Co-op Dungeon Crawler”, Playstation users will have to do without co-op in their version – it was axed for technical reasons, most likely related to the requirement of running the game on a standard PS4. So yes, I can see a large part of the community already hating on the game for this reason, and since it’s marketed as “co-op” on PC I see their point – but we’ll try to judge the game on its merits as a single player game.

trickster vr

Trickster VR is not a dungeon crawler in the sense of the recently-released Bard’s Tale IV, but rather a VR/first person version of games like Diablo. Armed with a selection of knives, melee and ranged weapons, you take on hordes upon hordes of orcs. There’s plenty of loot to be gathered as you mow them down, and the levels you fight in are procedurally generated rather than narratively driven.

Unlike Diablo, there’s no grand tale you take part in, but Trickster VR does feature levels and quest objectives in its Adventure mode. A sense of progression comes in the shape of an increasing difficulty level for the objectives, which also differ in nature – though they ultimately all boil down to combat scenarios. If you want to completely do away with questing, there is also a Wave Attack mode that just unleashes wave after wave of fantasy creatures upon you.

trickster vr3

Movement in Trickster VR takes a little getting used to, as you can’t move and turn at the same time (a limitation of the Move controller). Combat itself works great though, as hacking and slashing with an axe is a great fit for the Move and shooting arrows also feels natural. Switching weapons is easy, and your in-game character also wears a belt from which you can effortlessly grab and throw knives as well.

With the combat being so much fun, it’s a shame that Trickster VR feels a little like a hollow shell. I could have easily enjoyed it without any kind of co-op mode, but would have expected more fleshed out single player-oriented features like a story-driven campaign instead. In its current form, Trickster VR feels like it simulates a great VR dungeon crawler RPG, rather than living up to being one. It’s a shame that Sony’s hardware restrictions are partly to blame for this, as even though it provides fun VR combat Trickster VR on the Playstation VR isn’t as enjoyable as its PC-based cousin.

Score: 6.5/10

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