Assassin’s Creed – Legacy of the First Blade DLC impressions

Ubisoft just released Hunted, the first part of a story trilogy that makes up the Legacy of the First Blade DLC campaign. Time for a quick look.

As December starts, the flow of big new game releases traditionally more or less come to a grinding halt. The games that are out in time for the holiday shopping season are out already, and waiting to find their way into stockings, packages and whatnot. There are still some excellent (often digital only) smaller games coming out this month, but it’s also a month where you can re-visit existing blockbusters through the DLC content that gets released for them. Spider-Man’s a great example on PS4, and Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is another one.

As of right now, only the first of three parts of Legacy of the First Blade is out, but I was pleasantly surprised by the length of the available content. Clocking in about four hours for me, I’m anticipating a full campaign of well over ten hours – which is longer than the base campaign that many games ship with.

assassin's creed odyssey

Although the story is entirely new and the Legacy of the First Blade expansion (re)introduces a number of interesting new characters, the environment is interwoven with the existing content – which is a bit of a shame if you were hoping for new locations for Odyssey’s already huge game map. Perhaps we’ll see more in the next two episodes though….

What I enjoyed about Legacy of the First Blade is that it starts to weave into a big meta-story that ties it to other parts of the franchise – most notably the Order of the Ancient that featured in Origins as well. Everything’s also tied into the core campaign, as you play with your already developed character and can’t access the DLC campaign as a standalone experience – you have to have ventures past episode 7 to get to it, so for most people that will mean this is a reason to return to a game you already completed.

Although it feels more like a setup to a grander plot than anything else, Hunted is well worth playing and should occupy Odyssey fans for a good few hours. It’s “more of the same”, but the plot is certainly intriguing and it’s a shame we’ll have to wait so long for the next part!

assassin's creed odyssey3

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