Crossovers by POWGI review (Vita)

The POWGI puzzle brand from Lightwood Games is quickly becoming a bit of a staple on the Vita game release list. Crossovers by POWGI is the latest one, and as expected it comes packaged as a cross-buy title that also nets you the PS4 version of the game.

The concept behind Crossovers is deceptively simple, as the actual ‘crossovers’ concept refers to a very basic crossword puzzle that’s already been filled in – except for one single letter. This missing letter should be filled in where two words intersect, and the game also gives you no more than four letters to choose from for this empty square.

Sounds easy enough, right? And it is, but there’s a twist at the end of each level – levels that typically consist of four to six of these mini puzzles. Once you’re selected all the correct letters, they together form a final, often far more challenging puzzle. These come in the shape of an anagram, for which a cryptic hint is provided.


Unlike the mini crosswords, where you could even get away with just guessing, these can be real brain benders when they don’t just “click” for you – six letter puzzles obviously being trickier than four letter ones. In other words, despite the outward appearance of a crossword riddle, this is a game for the anagram lovers out there.

Crossovers by POWGI has a very basic concept to it, and it’s equally basic in how the game was designed. Mini crosswords, anagram at the end. Rinse and repeat. What I do love about some of the POWGI titles, however, is that they can feature clever wordplay – and Crossovers is one of those titles. This can be found in the combination of the cryptic hint and its solution, but there’s also the now familiar cartoon dogs who will bombard you with the kind of puns you expect from “that one uncle at the Christmas party” at the end of each level. This, along with the music, makes Crosswords a very easy-going puzzle game.

As mentioned, if you don’t enjoy anagrams you’ll want to steer away – but if you do then it’s nice to see Lightwood releasing a game that adds a bit of personality to an otherwise incredibly simple concept.

Score: 6.4/10


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