Trials of Mana demo out now (preview)

Those who are eager to play Trials of Mana when it comes out on April 24th can now go hands on with the game with a playable demo, which is available for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PCs through Steam.

For those not familiar with the background of the game – this is a remake of the original 1995 game, fully realized in 3D. If you’re not a Switch player, this is also the first time you get to play a fully translated version of the game, since the 1995 original was only ever released (as Seiken Densetsu 3) in Japan during the later years of the Super Nintendo.

The game didn’t receive a release in the west until the Collection of Mana was launched last year on the Switch, featuring what was essentially still the Super Nintendo version but now localized. This upcoming version isn’t that, but is a version that was built from the ground up for modern systems, featuring 3D graphics rather than the traditional 16bit RPG style of the original game.

trials of mana2

For many, this demo will be the first time they can go hands on with the upcoming RPG, and we booted it up to see how the audiovisual overhaul had turned out. Our impression was that of an interesting mix between the cartoon-like art style of Ni No Kuni and the Tales series of RPGs – crisp and colorful visuals that make it easy to forget this was original a SNES title.

What also helps modernize the experience is that the soundtrack was completely redone, although fans of retro music can switch to make things sound like they did 25 years ago as well. You can try the new demo for Trials of Mana for yourself through Steam, the PlayStation Store or the Nintendo eShop right now.

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