Vita Roundup – Wurroom and Epic Word Search Collection

The PlayStation Vita is still getting a lot of action these days, with multiple releases popping up nearly every week. We look at two games that can help pass the time during these times of self-isolation – Wurroom and the Epic Word Search Collection.


Developed by Michael Rfdshir and ported to the Vita by Sometimes You, Wurroom is a short (10 minute) game that walks the fine line between game and art. A short philosophical/metaphysical story about interacting with a subconscious wonderland that was entirely created with stop-motion art built from real life clay.

To say too much about the game would be to ruin the experience, but it’s safe to say it’s definitely one of the more unique titles in the entire Vita library to date. It’s very low on traditional gameplay (most closely resembling a point and click title), and best enjoyed if you’re interested in the artistic/abstract side of digital entertainment. Best of all, it’s only 1 Dollar/Euro, so a good way to spend that leftover store credit you might have.


Epic Word Search Collection

Coming to us from the puzzle game specialist at Lightwood Games, Epic Word Search Collection leaves little to the imagination when it comes to what you might expect from the game. Besides the Vita version (which comes with the PS4 one in a Crossbuy), you can also pick this up digitally on the Nintendo Switch.

As you’d expect, Epic Word Search is all about finding words on a grid filled with letters, marking them until you find all of the words given to you. Surprisingly, this particular collection only contains four of these puzzles, but there’s a twist – they’re absolutely massive, with over 1,500 words per puzzle to find in a grid that contains over 14,000 letters per puzzle.

Obviously, this is a bit overwhelming when you’re just starting out, as seeing the entire grid requires quite a bit of scrolling and finding one particular word in that giant mess of letters can be a challenge. Luckily, the game offers a hint system, which helps you find words within the particular section of the grid you’re currently looking at.

epic word search collection

If you want you can use this to complete a puzzle, or accumulate the associated trophies, but one of the best qualities about the game is how you can just find a few words at a time and pick things up again at a later time. Over the course of multiple days, in short bursts, you’ll eventually get close to completing one of these giant puzzles – which will be the most satisfying word search puzzle you’ve ever done.

The four puzzles have themed word lists, ranging from food to animals and from a travel theme to sports. Whatever your preference, odds are that you’ll encounter at least a few you haven’t heard of yet.

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