Port roundup: Chameneon, Roll the Cat & Pretty Girls Four Kings Solitaire

Today we’re diving into a trio of recently released console ports of games that were originally launched on PC. Join us as we check out Chameneon, Roll The Cat and Pretty Girls Four Kings Solitaire.

Chameneon review (PS4)

Chameneon by Burning Goat Studio was released on PC at the tail end of last year, but is now being launched for consoles by QUByte Interactive. We’ve been enjoying the PlayStation 4 version, which we’ve been calling “anti-grav OlliOlli” around the office.

The game is a mix between a traditional platformer and a runner, with levels that feature two rails for you to grind on as you jump for pickups and try to get to the exit. These neon-colored rails and the associated obstacles can be turned on and off as well, allowing you to jump out of danger or avoid spikes by making them inactive.


You can also grind at different speeds and change up how far/high you jump as well, which you’ll need to master in order to effectively switch between rails. But unlike in OlliOlli, these rails loop around and have you going upside down, so expert timing and some good memorization are needed in order to be successful in this challenging platformer. Time trail mode can be especially stressful, especially if you’re interested in the associated trophies.

Chameneon is a cheap title, but with 80 levels to play through and a good amount of challenge it’s an easy recommendation to those who enjoy games like OlliOlli and challenging platformers in general.

Roll The Cat review (PS4)

Ratalaika’s latest console port is solo developer LeJunesArt’s Sokoban-inspired puzzler Roll The Cat, which originally launched on Steam last year. Your main objective in each of the game’s 50 levels is to get your cats to sleep, which you do by rolling them into their little beds with a little girl who you control from a top-down perspective.


The cat theme, combined with an artful visual style that is very colorful and unlocks hand drawn stills for you after every few levels, is definitely the selling point here. Roll The Cat goes for the cuteness factor and people who are fond of cats will certainly appreciate that element of the game. As Sokoban games go, this is certainly among the better looking ones.

Gameplay-wise, Roll The Cat follows a familiar template, and if you’re familiar with Sokoban games you’ll probably blaze through the first dozen levels or so. You’ll reach the platinum trophy when you’re about halfway through, after which the most challenging puzzles follow for those who are interested in more than just a platinum trophy. As Sokoban fans, that certainly includes us.

Pretty Girls Four Kings Solitaire review (PS4)

Eastasiasoft’s “Pretty Girls” releases follow a familiar pattern – taking familiar games like Solitaire and Mahjong and applying a template with cute anime girls to it. Pretty Girls Four Kings Solitaire is no different, and offers a slightly different take on Solitaire than we’ve seen in previous releases.

pretty four

What’s different about Four Kings is that you play your cards in four columns that all have a different set of rules to them. The first column is the standard solitaire sequence you’re probably familiar with, but the other columns force you to jump ahead by two, three or four cards. If you’re a solitaire veteran, that certainly forces you to think different about your approach, so it’s a refreshing change once you get used to it.

It plays well, and for fans of the “Pretty Girls” element there is plenty to unlock here as well, with additional girls and costumes that become available as you play. This also unlocks the associated trophies, for what is a relatively easy platinum trophy. Four Kings Solitaire is fun to play, and for fans of anime girls you get a cast of ladies as a bonus as well.

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