Dysterra preview (PC)

Kakao Games is jumping into the sci-fi genre with Dysterra, which we’re taking a closer look at today in a preview.

What we know

Developed by Reality MagiQ and published by Kakao Games, Dysterra is a sci-fi hybrid of first person shooter action and survival mechanics. It can be played offline by single players, but also leans heavily into the online mechanics of both PvP and PvE, letting you play your preferred way.

Dysterra’s premise revolves around a post-apocalyptic setting in which mankind is struggling to avoid extinction. This paved the way for some of the game’s survival mechanics, which besides crafting also tie into base building. The game recently went into Early Access, where it’s planned to stay for six to twelve months.


What we saw

After Dysterra launched into Early Access at the end of November, we started playing the EA build – although we did try out the single player mode, we focused mostly on online matches.

What we thought

We really like the general vibe that Dysterra is going for – its blend of sci-fi and a setting on earth makes for a mix of the usual generic sci-fi setting of metal spaceships and alien corridors with a more Crysis type of setting. There are also plenty of graphics options here, and with its lighting effects Dysterra is a good looking title.


As we usually gravitate more towards single player and co-op experiences, we also liked that Dysterra’s community seems to gravitate more towards this end of the spectrum, at least at this point in time. the PvP servers were far less populated than the PvE ones, so we got to enjoy plenty of CPU enemies that needed taking down. The gunplay feels good too, although it does feel like this depends on which guns are available – the arsenal might need to be rebalanced at some point.

At the same time, you can tell that Dysterra is still early in its Early Access phase. Every now and then the game would hang (usually on a load screen), it’s limited in terms of content (both in terms of maps and character customization options) and the AI opponents need some work as well. However, this is the type of online shooter you want to keep an eye on if you generally prefer single player and/or co-op FPS games – especially within the sci-fi realm. Grabbing a vehicle with a squad of three and setting out for a killstreak is satisfying, especially when you get some teamwork tactics going.

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