PSVR2 roundup: After The Fall, Ragnarock, Cosmonious High, Unplugged – Air Guitar & Job Simulator

PlayStation VR2 has launched, and we’ve seen the first big wave of titles come in. And although a few of them are brand new releases, quite a lot of them are ports of existing games you might already be familiar with. We’ll be checking out a number of these, starting with After The Fall, Ragnarock, Cosmonious High, Unplugged – Air Guitar and Job Simulator to see which improvements PSVR2 brings to these established VR hits.

After The Fall

Vertigo Games has been one of the leading developers in the world of VR for a number of years now, so it was no surprise that they were going to bring some of their titles to PSVR2. An exciting example of this is After The Fall, which we went hands on with back in 2019 and launched for systems like the original PSVR and the Quest in 2021, which is when we reviewed it. And, much to Vertigo’s credit – if you already own the PSVR version then the upgrade to the new PSVR2 version is completely free!

after the fall2

It’s more than just a compatibility upgrade though, as After The Fall on PSVR2 benefits a lot from the fact that it’s a first person shooter – a genre that tended to struggle with the technical limitations of earlier VR headsets. The new build features impressive 4K graphics and HDR lighting, making the transition from flat screen shooters much more seamless this time around. Also excellent is the implementation of the new controllers, which are very well suited to this genre thanks to the haptic feedback that you now get and the adaptive triggers that adds immersion when firing your weapons. Combine that with the ability to jump straight into the existing player base thanks to cross-platform play, and this should be near the top of your list of PSVR2 games to play if you enjoy co-op shooters. Vertigo’s latest update for the game even includes two additional maps for the game, so that should draw some more of the existing owners in over the next few weeks.


We really enjoyed WanadevStudio’s Ragnarock when it launched on the Quest back in the summer of 2021, so we were more than happy to give the game another go on PSVR2. Beating the drums while willing your viking boat forward is still addictive, though there are some drawbacks on PlayStation as well.


These don’t include the technical elements of the port though, because the visuals look crisper than ever and hammering away at the drums is a blast with the new controllers. Despite its metal/rock soundtrack it’s even fun for those who don’t typically listen to or enjoy that genre, which says a lot – if a demo becomes available, we’d urge everyone to try it out. The biggest issue right now, however, is that the additional (DLC) content that’s come out for the other versions of Ragnarock doesn’t seem to be available on PSVR2 at the moment. If you jump aboard (pun intended), that means you might be a tad limited – which can be frustrating if you enjoy it as much as we did. So keep an eye out for updates on the game’s song collection and check out our original review for more on why this is a rhythm-based VR game well worth playing.

Cosmonious High

When we think of VR developer Owlchemy Labs we quickly go towards their smash hit Job Simulator (see below), but their most recent release was Cosmonious High, which is also well worth playing. We previously covered its accessibility update, and now the game has come to PSVR2 as well – having not made an appearance on Sony’s first headset. It’s another fun game to play from the developer, tapping into their usual brand of interactivity and lighthearted humor but moving that formula to a high school setting full of extraterrestrials.


And while you can tell that Cosmonious High features familiar elements for those who have played Job Simulator and Vacation Simulator, including cartoonlike visuals in addition to its gameplay mechanics, you can also tell this is a more recent title. The more polished visuals really pop on PSVR2, where they’re rendered in 4K and feel more colorful and detailed than the graphics in their older games did. Combine that with Owlchemy Labs’ signature fun gameplay, and this is a great follow-up to check out for anyone who’s enjoyed the developer’s previous titles. Those loyal to PlayStation never got to check this one out, and it’s great to see it appear on the platform.

Unplugged – Air Guitar

The second Vertigo Games title we wanted to highlight here is Unplugged – Air Guitar, a title we initially reviewed on the Quest when it launched back in 2021. It never appeared for the original PSVR headset, and it’s a good showcase for the technological improvements that Sony’s latest headset brings with it – and that’s on top of a killer tracklist that features artists like Weezer, The Clash and Lynyrd Skynyrd.


Unplugged is a great example of how improved the controls for PSVR2 are, with the kind of finger tracking that makes it feel miles ahead of what could be done on the old Move controllers. And while the Quest version would let players go completely controller-free, you barely notice these in your hands as the tracking is so accurate and the feedback you get from the controllers only adds to the experience. We also played the original version of Unplugged on an original Quest, and the higher resolution visuals in this new PSVR2 build make this the most audiovisually impressive version of the game as well – not something to ignore in a music-based title. If you’re looking for rhythm-based games with some classic tracks then it’s good to know you have more options than just Beat Saber, and if you enjoyed Guitar Hero back in the day you’ll certainly adore this one too.

Job Simulator

If there is such a thing then Job Simulator from Owlchemy Labs can be considered a real “VR Classic”, originally launching on Steam way back in 2016 to a lot of acclaim. It was easy to see why as well – it took the already popular “simulator” genre and placed a heavy emphasis on motion controls in a time where realistic visuals weren’t exactly commonplace. As a result, a more comedic approach with cartoon-like visuals resonated really well with players, and subsequent ports also did well. Now the PSVR2 version brings the game to new audiences as well, and although it technically shows its age it’s a gem in the VR scene that you should have at least played once.

job simulator

Compared to the original release on the first PSVR headset (and those who own that one get free access to the new PSVR2 build), you get crisper visuals rendered at 4K, but the biggest upgrade comes from the vastly improved motion controls. Job Simulator is a game that’s all about grabbing stuff and experimenting with whatever you can find in the VR environment, and the new controllers with their haptic feedback features make the experience more immersive than before. You definitely get the sense that this is an older title, but the new PSVR2 build is possibly the best way to play it and because existing owners get it for free it’s well worth booting up again to experience it in a polished and enhanced way.

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