Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead review (PS4)

Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead is the latest iteration in videogames for both of the franchises involved. Available for every platform from PC to mobile and from current to next gen consoles, we’re looking at the PS4 version. If you’re waiting for the PS5 one – that’s coming very soon. Continue reading “Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead review (PS4)”

Release roundup: Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate & Destiny 2: Beyond Light

This year more than ever, we’re seeing a lot of re-released and expanded titles come out, including games like Observer: System Redux and the remastered PS5 version of Spider-Man. Some games are actually getting big content updates as well though, and we thought we’d highlight two of them. The Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate Edition doesn’t just come with a free next gen upgrade, it also features three new characters for the game. Destiny 2, meanwhile is launching its “Beyond Light” expansion, which kicks off another season of in-game events as well. Time for a closer look. Continue reading “Release roundup: Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate & Destiny 2: Beyond Light”

Developer interview: Cardpocalypse

After an earlier release on Epic, Cardpocalypse from Gambrinous recently launched on Steam alongside brand new DLC for the game. It’s been met with very positive reviews from users since the launch, so we got in touch with Colm Larkin, the founder of the studio, to learn more about their follow-up to Guild of Dungeoneering, how it came about and what players can expect from the new content. Continue reading “Developer interview: Cardpocalypse”

Professor Rubik’s Brain Fitness review (PS4)

Microids has just released Professor Rubik’s Brain Fitness for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PCs. The name “Rubik” is almost synonymous with puzzles, we were curious to see how this license was going to turn out. Continue reading “Professor Rubik’s Brain Fitness review (PS4)”