Bundle roundup: Steve Jackson’s Sorcery, Shadowrun Trilogy and Him & Her Collection

We’re certainly no stranger to games getting ported over to new system and we love when classics get new audiences, but in recent weeks we’ve seen a specific sub-trend: bundled games being re-released for new platforms. Here are looks at three of them: Steve Jackson’s Sorcery, the Shadowrun Trilogy and the Him & Her Collection. Continue reading “Bundle roundup: Steve Jackson’s Sorcery, Shadowrun Trilogy and Him & Her Collection”

Stella – Dixit Universe review

As we head into the summer break, it’s nice to look into new board games you can play with the entire family. We’ve recently been playing Stella, which is labeled as being part of the Dixit Universe, another line of popular titles from Asmodee. It was designed for three to six players with a minimum age of 8, but we found that younger players can also have fun with it when paired up with an adult. Continue reading “Stella – Dixit Universe review”

Developer interview & impressions: Planet Zoo – Conservation Pack

We’ve been enjoying Planet Zoo and sharing our thoughts on it ever since its initial release in 2019, so we’re thrilled to be able to share a very special early look at its latest expansion with you. Join us as we explore the conversation pack and have a chat with two of the developers behind the game – game designer Kilian Schmitt art director Marc Cox. Continue reading “Developer interview & impressions: Planet Zoo – Conservation Pack”