Circles review (PC)

We previously covered Circles after last year’s Gamescom, where we first got some hands on time with this creative and minimalist approach to game design. Now the final game has been released on steam.

During our preview, we wondered how long developer Jeroen Wimmers (who is self-publishing this on Steam) would be able to keep up the momentum in terms of delivering new and creative ways to solving puzzles that are entirely made up out of circles. Now that it’s out, we were happy to learn that the game features no less than 90 levels to play through.

That doesn’t mean you’re looking at a monster challenge when you start the game though, as many of the levels can be beaten in a manner of seconds. The objective is always the same – move your circle towards the target circle, and prevent yourself from running into other circles. In some cases that doesn’t require much more than just a steady hand, but in others you have to find out how your movements affect the game world.


Moving up might cause certain circles to grow in size, blocking your route to the exit – so you’re constantly experimenting with angles, directions and speed. The experience is designed to be intuitive as well, so you’ll rarely be stumped for very long. This makes Circles a relatively short experience and that might put some people off, but it succeeds in what it set out to do – it creates a visually appealing minimalist approach to puzzle games that is likely to appeal to even those who normally shy away from the challenges of other games in the genre.

It’s priced at a higher price point then some other indie puzzle titles, but a demo is available through that allows you a chance to try the game without buying or even installing it. Even if you don’t get the game itself, we definitely recommend trying out this novel experience. It’s free – what’s stopping you?

Score: 7.0/10


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