Just Deal With It review (PS4)

Continuing the recent influx of Playlink-enabled titles for Playstation 4, Just Deal With It brings the Playlink experience to digital card games. Developed by Super Punk Games, it’s out now.

The fact that Just Deal With It is out a little later than some of the other Playlink titles is largely due to the fact that the Apple version of the companion app had some pre-release trouble, but luckily those have been squared away. Both the Apple and Android versions are out now, so whatever the people in your group are using you should be good to go. It’s the same deal as with all the other Playlink titles – install the app, connect to the local wi-fi system and boot up the game on your PS4.

In addition to local multiplayer, Just Deal With It also supports online multiplayer so you can engage with others, though this will require a Playstation Plus subscription and I didn’t encounter any players when I tried to start a game this way. Only tried once and didn’t arrange anything with friends though, so that could have been a factor.

just deal with it

I think my history with computer card games goes back to Sierra’s Hoyle titles, so it’s interesting to see where the genre is about thirty years later. In a way, not much has changed – Just Deal With It focuses on the classics. Therefore, the games that are included are Poker, Blackjack, Crazy eights, Rummy and Hearts – with all the familiar rules, although the game’s happy to help you along and teach you some of the ropes as well.

The presentation of the game, with papercraft influences, is frivolous, even though you can play these card games in a “pure” card game mode. Things become more fun once you engage with the included party mode though, as this also involves some creative uses of the Playlink technology and app.

With slight echoes of games like Mario Kart, party mode allows you to bestow special items upon your fellow players. You can obscure their screen, for instance, forcing them to start wiping it clean before they can make moves again – great when you’re playing a time-sensitive variant. It’s a great addition in a local multiplayer session and shows the benefit of the technology over just getting around a table and playing the old fashioned way.

just deal with it3

Just Deal With It also supports team objectives, which is another fun new spin on the familiar formulas that are included. You’ll need at least four players, but cooperating brings a bit of strategizing and adds to the game becoming a more communicative one, which is always good for a game of this type.

The companion app is one of the better ones I’ve seen so far, when it comes to Playlink titles. Flicking cards in order to play them is intuitive and fun, and as I mentioned there are a few neat little uses of touchscreen technology involved with the game’s party mode as well. At the same time, if you’re mostly interested in the pure card game experience then you’re probably better off with traditional non-electronic versions. If you’re not quite the card shark and enjoy a more casual and fun experience, then by all means give Just Deal With It a go.

Score: 7.0/10

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