Seven things we learned about Playstation Now

Sony’s Playstation division recently announced new pricing schemes for their Playstation Now streaming/subscription service, as well as announcing the addition of new (rotating) content starting with the likes of GTA 5, God of War, Uncharted 4 and Infamous: Second Son. They also invited us to an event to outline more details about the history and direction of the service, and we came away with some interesting facts:

  • Having recently expanded the service into Spain, Portugal and the Nordics, Playstation Now has an area coverage of over 70% of the installed PS4 base. Also, as of March 31st of this year, the service had 700,000 paid subscribers, a number which has increased annually with 40%
  • For games that can be streamed as well as downloaded, about two thirds of the playing time is spent on downloaded versions – and there have been close to 7 million hours of playtime logged already. Over half of the users on the platform play 1st party titles, of which there are over 100 available right now.
  • Content that gets added as part of the rotating content will stay on the service for three months, with new content added at the start of every month. When a (rotating) title disappears from the service, you can keep playing with your saved game if you purchase the title.
  • Content in the “evergreen” library (which contains about 700 titles from the PS2, PS3 and PS4 era) is curated for quality but slightly differs per region.
  • Playstation Now supports DLC content, but whether or not it’s included differs per title. You can buy DLC for a base game on Playstation Now and it’ll work, but if the title disappears from Now you’ll have to buy the base game to use the DLC content again.
  • Online multiplayer is included for free with titles on Playstation Now, even if you don’t have a Playstation Plus subscription. Free online multiplayer and monthly access to new games means that Plus and Now have a bit of overlap, but Sony has nothing to announce at present when it comes to how both services will develop further in that sense.
  • Playstation Now and its features are actively being developed. It already includes recommendations based on what you’ve played already (and this keeps your regular library into account), and could – for example – get more options for filtering later.

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