Stealth Gaming – an overview

Every now and then, a relatively new gaming hardware company catches your eye. We’re taking a look at Stealth Gaming, a UK-based company with a wide range of accessories for all the major platforms.

Stealth’s actually been around for a few years now, but they’ve gradually built up their portfolio. Nowadays, they have console-specific products for the Playstation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, as well as more PC/multiformat products that even include VR headsets (of the mobile phone variety).

At the core of their portfolio, we find a large number of audio headsets and charging solutions, some of which we recently got to try out. Although the form factor (and fit) is a little different between the different consoles, the basics are the same: a small loading station to place your controller(s) that connects with a cable to your console (or another usb port). The benefit? You don’t need to have charging cables hanging out of your console at all times, and you also don’t have any of that constant wear and tear on cables and sockets from constantly jamming in and pulling out the charging cable.


Stealth’s collection of headsets, apart from a few mono units with one earcup, are all of the stereo variety. No (virtual) surround sound, no fancy controls on the earcup and no need to install drivers – just plug and play. All of the headsets we’ve seen so far come with 40mm drivers, which (in the set we tried on) deliver a nice neutral sounding soundscape – nothing too overpowering in the bass department and something that would translate quite well to everyday use that includes listening to music. For this purpose it’s nice to be able to remove the mic, which is something not all of Stealth’s headsets can do – something to check before you buy.
Headsets can be bought in a large number of color schemes, ranging from a pretty neutral black or white all the way to ‘loud’ camo designs in all kinds of colors. The latter is especially true if you go for one of the multiplatform headsets, with more of the “console specific” features actually relating to the color schemes that are used and not the actual functionalities of the headset.

At this point you might be wondering what the standout features for these Stealth products are, and it’s something we haven’t touched on yet. While none of Stealth’s products offer features that you can’t find elsewhere, there’s a big benefit to the budget-minded gamers (and parents) out there: price. All of the products in the Stealth range are extremely competitively priced, and considering they’re of the “they do exactly what they need to do” variety (with quality parts like those 40mm drivers or braided usb cables), this could be a big plus for those looking to fill those Christmas stockings this holiday season. As Stealth’s built up a wide range of products, we’re curious to see where they’ll move next, so don’t be surprised if we take another look at them in the future.


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