Fallen Legion: Rise to Glory / Fallen Legion Revenants review (PS5)

Fallen Legion: Rise to Glory and Fallen Legion Revenants recently launched for the PlayStation 5 and PC, alongside a first ever appearance on Xbox for the titles. Are they worth picking up? We checked out the PS5 version of YummyYummyTummy’s games, which are being published by NIS America.

If Fallen Legion sounds familiar to you, then you’d be right. We previously reviewed Fallen Legion for the PlayStation Vita and PS4 and then Fallen Legion Revenants a few years later. And while Fallen Legion: Rise to Glory sounds like a brand new title, it actually bundles together those first two titles, which were initially separate Vita/PS4 entries launched at the same time. As such, this is a fairly complete bundle of all things Fallen Legion, with Rise to Glory in particular boasting a few extras that you didn’t get before.

fallen legion2

At the core, much has stayed the same. The hand drawn art is still beautiful, and gameplay is still very combat-centric, with a layer of strategy involved as you add buffs and debuffs while making a few morally-driven choices along the way. The story itself still isn’t the best out there, but having both the Vita and PS4 originals wrapped together definitely helps in adding a bit more weight to the package from a narrative point of view.

There is also a crossover element here that allows you to play with characters from the “Vita” version in the PS4 story and vice versa, which is nice if you’re played these in their original versions before. You’ll also notice a few characters that are entirely new to Rise to Glory, and it’s nice to see an existing game get this kind of treatment – even though it’s probably not enough to warrant a double dip if you’ve already played the original release.

fallen legion3

That’s especially true for Revenants, which already got a PlayStation 4 release (which we reviewed earlier) and looks and feels identical on the PS5. As such, this is a package that’s hard to recommend to those who are already familiar with the existing releases, unless you’re part of that group of RPG enthusiasts who like a gorgeous combat-driven RPG but never jumped on Fallen Legion before. For that group, this offers plenty of content at a bundle price.

Score: 6.5/10

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