Titan Quest: Atlantis DLC review (PC)

When the Ragnarok expansion for Titan Quest was released, it mostly stood out because it was a new chapter about ten years after the release of the original game. THQ Nordic’s done it again, with another expansion for the classic action RPG. What does the Atlantis DLC bring? Continue reading “Titan Quest: Atlantis DLC review (PC)”

Pinball FX3 – Williams Pinball Vol. 3 review (PS4)

Following up on the excellent first two volumes, Zen Studios has released another trio of pinball tables based on real-life tables by famous pinball developer Williams. Here’s what’s new in the third installment, now available for every platform out there that has Pinball FX3. We checked out the PS4 version. Continue reading “Pinball FX3 – Williams Pinball Vol. 3 review (PS4)”

Sudden Strike 4 – The Pacific War review (PC)

Steadily expanding the Sudden Strike 4 universe, Kalypso has just released another DLC package for the game. The Pacific War features yet another theater of war for the game, with new commanders, missions and battle units. We couldn’t wait to take a look – here are our thoughts. Continue reading “Sudden Strike 4 – The Pacific War review (PC)”

18 Floors (with DLC) review (PSVR)

Back in August, publisher Winking Entertainment released 18 Floors for Playstation VR, an escape room title developed by Aoga tech. Now, additional content has been released for the game by way of a free update – time to check out the game and see how it ranks among other Playstation VR escape room titles. Continue reading “18 Floors (with DLC) review (PSVR)”