Mad Catz returns (to Gamescom)

In a surprise announcement during this year’s CES in Las Vegas, Mad Catz returned to the world of gaming peripherals. Now based out of Hong Kong, the company’s new owners traveled all the way to Cologne for Gamescom – where we met up to learn what’s new and exciting. Continue reading “Mad Catz returns (to Gamescom)”

Wargaming gears up towards World of Warships Legends (Gamescom)

It was late in June when Wargaming announced their plans to bring their PC-based naval MMO World of Warships to consoles. Two months later, we sat down with Daniil Volkov (Development Director for the game) and Victor Kislyi (Wargaming’s CEO), to talk about the game in more detail. Here’s our report of that talk, where we saw the console version in action and also briefly addressed a few of Wargaming’s other IPs – including Master of Orion and Total Annihilation. Continue reading “Wargaming gears up towards World of Warships Legends (Gamescom)”

“World of Tanks is a Single Player Game” (editorial)

I’ve always enjoyed tank games, but I never got into World of Tanks until a few months ago. And that’s coming from someone whose experience with tank games goes back to Combat and Battlezone on the Atari 2600 – the latter of which I thought was the pinnacle of videogame graphics back in the day. Yet…. I never once tried today’s biggest tank game, World of Tanks – here’s what changed that. Continue reading ““World of Tanks is a Single Player Game” (editorial)”

Vampire: The Masquerade V5 released at GenCon (impressions)

At GenCon 2018 in Indianapolis, White Wolf Entertainment has just released the fifth edition of Vampire: The Masquerade. It marks the return of an iconic tabletop role-playing game, roughly seven years since the 20th anniversary edition hit the market. Continue reading “Vampire: The Masquerade V5 released at GenCon (impressions)”