Nioh – Dragon of the North review (PS4)

Two of our favorite PS4 releases of 2017 so far – NieR: Automata and Nioh, received DLC updates recently. We prefer Nioh’s Dragon of the North expansion – here are our impressions and why.

Dragon of the North continues where Nioh’s main campaign left off, giving you more story and a new region to explore. As the title more or less suggests, the North is covered by a lot more snow that we saw in the original game. It paints a different backdrop to an otherwise quite familiar game – Dragon of the North doesn’t excel in giving you much in terms of innovation in level or character design. It’s more of the same, but with a game as good as Nioh that’s not really a bad thing of course.

The ending for Dragon of the North doesn’t feel definite enough to consider it a satisfying finale, instead feeling like an incentive to go ahead and pick up the next DLC addon when it comes out. I personally prefer a meatier expansion that feels like a coherent whole even if the price is higher, but understand that this chapter-based approach is now commonplace in the industry.

If you enjoyed Nioh and would like more or it, then it’s a safe bet that you’ll enjoy Dragon of the North. Next to the usual items/weapons that seem to come with DLC, it also has a healthy amount of new story content (NieR’s DLC is the opposite). It might not be surprising or different, but it’s more Nioh and that’s never a bad thing.

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