Indie Interviews: Aeon Drive (Gamescom)

As we keep highlighting some of the excellent indies there were a part of Gamescom this past week, we now look towards Aeon Drive from 2Awesome Studio, an action platformer focused on speedrunning that is currently being developed and takes place in “Cyberpunk Barcelona” – it’s unclear if Messi is still around or not. With some new mechanics and a visual style that’s a mix between retro and cyberpunk, we couldn’t wait to find out more. Here’s our chat with the developer.

What’s the story behind Aeon Drive?

The “competitive speedrun” scene has been on an upswing. With recent modernizations, we felt inspired now more than ever to have some fun! We gave Jackelyne, the protagonist in Aeon Drive and our first title, Dimension Drive, refreshing mobility mechanics and took to conquer cyberpunk Barcelona. Games like Celeste, The Messenger, and even Super Meat Boy are notable inspirations.

aeon drive2

What makes the game different from other ones?

Integrating leaderboards for the speedrunners in our community has been important to us since the beginning. In Aeon Drive, the unique teleportation mechanic is designed exactly for the speed our game requires. A community can take the tools/mechanics we develop and utilize them in the most innovative and inspiring ways. We want Aeon Drive to have great gameplay, but also inspire a casual speedrunner to really challenge themselves and the limits in our game! This pushes our development to continue upping the creativity as well!

How did development start out?

We played games growing up, of course, and that pixel aesthetic is one you never forget. We started with mechanics that we thought were most fun, a character who we already loved, and then collaborated our way through the last year of development.

aeon drive

And who’s currently working on the game?

Our team has grown in size during Aeon Drive’s development — in the art, production, and marketing departments specifically. David and Alejandro have been spearheading our organization since the beginning, but regarding Aeon Drive, we’ve recently brought on pixel artist Oscar Mardones (who previously worked on Blasphemous) to bring new life into the enemies and characters in our project.

Did the corona pandemic provide you with additional challenges?

Going remote for our whole office has been.. interesting. We check in with each other at the top of each work day, but are missing our in-office moments, too. It’s offered a unique experience to game development that challenges us to make awesome games, but more AWESOME.

aeon drive4

Also, if we’ve learned anything from 2020, it’s understanding the value of your day ahead. Every month is taken day by day, first; each day offering itself as an opportunity to create something great. We’ve all seen setbacks this year, but it’s about the recovery leading into 2021!

When the game releases, what do you hope people will take away from the experience?

We want to offer a positive escape, a breath of fresh air, and an awesome experience to anyone who might be searching for it. We play and make games because it’s fun, and in those moments of play, you’ll find your most creative self.

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